10 Best and Effective Ways to Promote your Website – Its time to Drive more Website Traffic!

Howdy, Everyone! How are you all? Hope everything going well, but ya I know you are facing lots of problem in driving traffic to your website, don’t worry at all if you are reading this article and will put all your attention to it then I am sure you would be able to drive amazing traffic to your website. Please don’t misinterpret my wordings because I am not going to discuss any trick or any software which you will use and get instant traffic, I just want to clarify that getting traffic to a website is a difficult task but not impossible. Okay now, without wasting any time let’s come to the main point, so here is the list of 10 ways which help you to drive more website traffic.

1. Quality Content:-

Now you must be thinking that this is not a promotional technique, Yeah I know but this is something through which you get automatic promotions and even backlinks too! Not get it, right? Okay, first of all, I want to remember you all that “Content is the King” paste this line in your mind if you want to succeed in this digital marketing world. Now let me tell you why I have chosen this point on the first number because content is the only things through which you can engage your visitor and if your content is not original or may not have any real meaning then nobody would like to share it with others, so that’s why I used word “Automatic Promotion” in the first line because if your visitor find that your content is genuine and contains lots of valuable information only then he/she would like to share it with others and even sometimes you also get backlinks from high PR Domains for your content but this happens only when they find that your content is genuine, so your prime focus should be on Quality Content. 

2. Target your Audience on Social Media Platforms:-

I know many of you know this way of promoting your content but you may be not doing this in a right way, what most of the people do is, they just make their account on any social media like it can be Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and then start posting their content on it without any target audience and then they wait and hope that people would read their post and will click on their link, THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ACTUALLY! So, it’s better to delete your account and hire some freelancer to do social media marketing for you! 

If you don’t have enough money to hire any freelancer then please read carefully what I am trying to say, the best way to promote your content on Social Media is to first check where your target audience lies whether it can be on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and after build a relationship with your audience by sharing valuable information with them, you can help them in solving their problem or anything else and that’s it, time has come to promote your content now, and I am 100% sure if you promote your content now you will get 110% better response. Okay thanks me later, first go and try this and increase your website traffic.

Targeting the audience is just like hitting the bull’s eye!

3. Organic Search:-

This is the only way which I recommend to all, the reason behind that is, it gives you long-term benefit, promoting your content on Social media by making fake id’s may work for the short term but the organic search is the only thing which makes you successful in getting website traffic on a long-term basis.

You must be heard the term called “SEO“, that’s what you have to do for your website and I know some of you don’t know how to do it, okay! leave it to me, I have something special for you, here are Top 10 SEO Tips, which you should need to follow. When you start doing SEO for your website in the right way you will get enough visitor on your site, so be prepared to protect your server from getting crash all the time. 🙂

4. YouTube:-

Youtube is the best way to engage your user with your content. It has various benefits like if you are making videos on youtube and if you embed those videos on your site, do you know what will happen? No, Okay! it will increase your website “Time on Site” metric, this comes under SEO, if your website “Time on Site” metric is good then google consider that your website is providing good content to the user and ultimately your website visibility will get increased in the eye of Google, so just like that there are various other benefits too, like you can promote your content by putting the link in the description, so in this way YouTube can help you to grow your website traffic.

5. Paid Promotions:-

If you have a little bit budget with you to spend then I will recommend you to go for paid promotions, you can do it yourself as there is no need to hire anyone for doing paid promotions for you. Like if you want to use Facebook ads, then the only thing you need to kept in mind is that the Audience, always remember to target your audience whenever you are going to run any campaign and yeah obviously the content you are going to promote should be valuable, so all set now you are ready to make campaign on your own and please don’t forget to use images in your campaign because it is only thing which attracts more visitor to your campaign, and if you are thinking to go for Google ads, then you first need to understand basic fundamentals to run Google Ads because it is based on Keywords actually rather than target audience, indirectly keywords selection plays the same role as targeting audience play. So you need to understand first what is keyword and how many types of keywords we have. 

Except for Facebook and Google Ads, you can also go for LinkedIn or Twitter ads promotion but I never use them so I don’t have any fair idea about them.

6. Email Marketing:-

Email Marketing is one of the oldest and most effective ways of promotion. Every successful digital marketer use email marketing because it is the only way to connect with your audience more personally, so if you never think or never put any attention to email marketing then time has come to do so, its never too late to start, so start growing your email list today and you will see its result tomorrow! 

There are a number of email marketing tools available in the market, you can take their advantage even some of them give free trial also, so you should go for it once.

Here are some email marketing tools that I know so far, Mautic, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Get response, etc.

7. Use Q&A Websites (Best Way to increase Website Traffic):-

There are a number of Q&A website available and I don’t know why people are not taking advantage of it, I want to share my personal experience, one day I was thinking about various strategies to promote my website and then what I did I went to quora and put a question i.e. Tell me few ways to promote my website and I got amazing answer from someone (i don’t want to mention his name) he wrote “bro, the place where you had raised this question is the place where you can promote your website“, then I get a hint from him. On that very day, I got another promotional technique which is using Q&A sites, what you need to do is just answer somebody question which should be related to the content you want to promote and at the end of the answer you can leave your link as a reference for them, that’s it, it will build your following as well as traffic to your website, but please be aware of Q&A website guidelines, never leave your link full naked, always use anchor text for your links. 

8. Guest Blogging:-

Guest Blogging is one of the easiest and quickest way to get more website traffic. You will find various website on web which accepts guest blogging, now most of you will be thinking that why these websites accept guest blogging, actually through guest blogging they will able to maintain their article consistency, they get fresh content for their website and you will get traffic to your website because most of the website allows you to put your website link at the end of the article as a reference, so in this way guest blogging works. 

9. Article Submission:-

Article submission is quite similar to guest blogging, in article submission you submit your articles to the sites which are only made for article submission. The only difference between the two is that Article submission sites are rated below than Guest blogs by search engines for various reasons. Article sites have been filled with duplicate content and they usually accept articles on any topic. On the contrary, a guest blog is moderated by the blog owner and only good quality articles are accepted. These blogs are related to certain industry and therefore have relevant content on related topics only which gives more value to readers. This makes guest blogs much preferable than article sites. Both methods are best for increasing website traffic.

10. Retargeting:-

You should do retargeting, its a form of online targeted advertising by which online advertising is targeted to consumers based on their previous Internet actions.

So these are the ways which may help you to boost your website traffic. I hope you like this and please don’t forget to share your views regarding this topic, in the comment section. Check out 10 Tips that will help you to get AdSense Approval!



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