10 Black Hat SEO Techniques – Never Ever Use These Techniques!

Everyone wants that their website should get more ranking in google search and they are ready to do anything to make that possible, even they sometimes start doing Black hat SEO, but they are unaware of the fact that using black hat SEO techniques may give them good result for short term but your website is at the risk of getting banned from Google, due to its algorithm.

Google algorithm is totally against for using Black Hat SEO, I always prefer you all to use those SEO techniques which are in favour of google algorithm. Today I am going to introduce you all to those techniques that you should not use in your digital career.


This technique always comes first when we talk about Black Hat SEO, this is the techniques used by every spammer, actually they try to fool or deceive google bots by showing them false content like, this technique mainly show content to google which is totally different from actual content, means for google bots it show Content “A” and for visitor like us it will show content “B”, generally this technique is used to get higher ranking in google by deceiving its bots.

But due to google strict algorithm, they can now easily detect that website which is using this technique and take strict action towards these websites.

2.Don’t Copy (Be Original):-

This is the strategy that most of the new beginner in digital marketing are focusing on. They buy a domain and hosting and start copying other website content. They are not aware of the fact that google bots index the original content only at once, all the other duplicate content goes waste.

So, don’t ever try to copy other website content, yes you can take ideas from another website that are similar to your niche but you cannot copy the whole content. This is the worst Black hat SEO technique that people are using.

3.Buying & Exchanging the Links:-

As we all say natural things is always good, just like that if your website getting links naturally from another website then this is the best as per google algorithm.

There are lots of spammy companies that make a promise to people that they provide them High PR Backlinks and charge them. I always recommend you all not to get manipulated by these cheaters, they are only extracting money from you.

You should read once Google Link Scheme, here you will get to know whether it is right to exchange links or not.

4.Keyword Stuffing (Worst Black Hat Seo Technique):-

Lots of stuffing is only looked great in Pizza. But in the digital world, it will not be going to help you, here it is considered as spam. For those who don’t know what exactly keyword stuffing is, then understand it now.

Most of the people thinks that if they use their focus keyword in every second sentence then they can easily make their website content rank higher but they are not right, if you use your keyword more than a particular limit then your content would be considered as spammy in the eye of Google, or it will frustrate your visitor also.

5.Hiding is not Solution:-

First of all, make it clear in your mind that google bot is not fool as you think. Put your all efforts but you cannot fool them, so using Hidden Content is not going to help you anymore.

For those who don’t know about this technique, let me explain it to you, actually most of the people try to become over smart, they use white background and put white colour content on it, so that they can put their more target keyword without being noticed by anyone, by doing this they can only fool human but google bots easily detect these type of spammy strategy and then they take strict action towards it. So never ever try to use this technique.

6.Using Softwares like Article Spinning:-

It is the technique to modify the existing article into the new one so that no one can put copyright claim. This software produces an article in different ways by taking the content from one article. The article generate by this software contain the same content as the original one, so it will not provide any new information to the user.

This article spinning is a technique to escape from producing fresh content.

7.Over Optimization:-

As we all know anything in excess is harmful just like that if we do over optimization then it will be going to harm our website ranking which is not good. Do optimisation in a certain limit, only then you will be successful in making your website rank higher in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

8.Gateway Pages or Doorway Pages:-

This refers to the haphazard stuffing of pages with keyword phrases with the main goal of acquiring a high ranking before automatically redirecting visitors to a different page. Stay away from these type of techniques because it will be going to harm your website visibility in search engines.

9.Cookie Stuffing:-

This is a malpractice related to affiliate marketing. This is done when you insert a cookie on someone’s computer without letting them know. And it will help the cookie stuffer to make money from its affiliate links.


Clickbait is one of the most used Black Hat SEO techniques being used these days. As per Wikipedia, Clickbait is a pejorative term for web content whose main goal is to get users to click on a link to go to a certain web page, this is especially done at the expense of quality or accuracy, relying on sensationalist headlines or eye-catching thumbnail pictures to attract click-through and to encourage forwarding of the material over online social networks.

So this is Top 10 Black Hat SEO technique which will harm website ranking, if you know more other techniques then please share with us in the comment section, it will help other our reader.

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