Website Traffic? Not an issue at all, follow these simple tips to increase you website traffic now!

Friends I know you are reading this article because some of you are not getting good website traffic, similar happened with me three months back when I started my career as a blogging but don’t worry have patience and implement these tips or ways for your website.

First, I want to make clear that by implementing these ways you are not going to get instant traffic but yes in long run your visitor would increase.

I am sharing this with you because these ways helped me a lot in growing my website traffic also. So without wasting any time let’s begin the list.

1.Go bigger on Social Media Platforms (Best Way to boost website traffic):-

Never ever underestimate the power of social media, as per my opinion this is the best way to enhance your website traffic. The platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, etc, are having millions of monthly users which can become your website visitors if you provide them good quality content.
You can join groups in these social media platform related to your website niche like if you are running a website related to digital marketing tips then LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are the best options where you can promote your service or you can also share your blog post in those groups.

2.Keep engaging your users or visitors:-

Now you will be thinking that how we can engage the users, this is simply what you need to do is make a unique post weekly that is totally different from your regular post, like you can ask questions from your users through your post so that you will know more about them what they exactly want, this is necessary because it will make your bond stronger with your users.

Or you can ask for their opinion related to particular topics or you should give them reply if they comment on your post because this will build trust.

The ultimate benefit of user engagement is that your returning visitor would be increased.

3.Quality Content (Content is the king):-

Never ever try to copy anybody else idea, copying makes your work easier but make it clear in mind that you want to gain people attention through your content and this will be only possible if you provide them something valuable.

I recommend you to first experience things then you should write on them, what you have experienced because only then you will be able to make unique content.

But if you are running websites which are related to news and politics etc. then you can copy the content but you should write it in your own language, here copying means that you can copy the information but you should represent it in your own words.

4.Guest posting (Fast way to put your content in front of large audience):-

If you want to gain instant traffic then guest posting is only made for you, but this is not as simple as you are thinking, for guest posting first you have to write a high-quality content which should contain minimum 700 to 800 words and then you have to find the website that accepts guest posting related to your content, here your work is done.

Along with good traffic, you will also get backlinks to your website through guest posting so I highly recommend you all to go with this popular method.

5.Accept Guest Posting:-

It is opposite to point no.4, you should allow your users or other people to write articles and publish on your website as this will enhance the volume of content of your website.

And now maybe you will be thinking that why my website does not allow guest posting, actually I want to build trust first with my users only then they write for me. So if you have a new website then you should first write an article by your own and if your user says that they also want to write for you then you can allow them.

So, finally, I want to conclude that Guest Posting will help you to build a long-term relationship with your users and this will maintain your Website Traffic.

6.Use Paid Promotions:-

Facebook Ads and Google AdWords are one of the best methods to promote your product or services, whichever you like to promote even you can promote your content also.

Facebook Ads are easy to use, you just need little knowledge to use it but for Google AdWords, you will need some assistance as their user interface is difficult to understand.

The best part of using these two paid tools is you can target your audience as per their interest, locations, etc.

7.Email Marketing:-

Grow your email subscriber as much as possible because these subscribers will become your regular visitor. There is the number of tools available in the online market which help you to grow your subscriber list, for example, Feed Burner (Totally Free To Use), ActiveCampaign, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, etc.

You should avail the benefits of these tools because email is the only thing which helps you to connect with your user personally.

8.Website Performance Analysis Should Not Be Ignored:-

You may be heard the term Google Analytics, this is the best free tool available which help you to provide in-depth analysis of your website and you should learn from your analytics that which strategy is giving you good ROI and which needs improvement. After getting analytics result you should focus on the strategies that will give you good result in future.

9.Use Webinars (The New Trending Way):-

Organising free webinars are the best way to get excellent website traffic. Promote your webinar across all of your social sites and consider using paid social media advertising to gain more targeted visibility.

As we all know everyone is looking for more knowledge in their related field, take your example, as you come to my website that means you want more information that will help you to increase website traffic and similarly you can share your knowledge through webinars and this will boost up your website traffic.

10.Build Backlinks:-

Backlinking is the best method to increase your website visibility in search engines and this will help you to drive organic traffic to your website, so try to make as many backlinks as you can but remember only make backlinks from High PR Domains.

Note: – Sometimes backlinks from websites that are not related to your website niche may consider as a spam, so keep this in mind.

So, these are the ways which I want to share with you and I hope these will help you to grow your website traffic and if you know some other ways also then please share it with us in the comment section.

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