10 White Hat SEO Techniques – Its time to get Organic Traffic!

The only purpose of using white hat SEO techniques is to get long-term good organic traffic. White hat SEO is totally opposite from black hat SEO. I have also used these techniques for my website and I get good results, here is the proof:-

This is my search console result, as you can see this report showing result of last 90 days, initially I was not getting good traffic from google or other search engine but after implementing the below-mentioned techniques, I get good response, So I want to share this because I know most of the people are not getting good organic traffic so probably this can help you.

Here we go,

1.Go with Quality not Quantity (Best White Hat SEO Technique ever):-

Always focus on quality over quantity, because this is the key to success in the digital marketing world. If you provide quality rich content to your user then they will definitely share your content with other users also and this will generate more traffic to your website.

Do you know, what Google actually wants? Google wants to see its user happy, and if you help Google to make its users happy then your website visibility will automatically increase.

Now you will be thinking that how you can make Google users happy, it’s too simple you only have to focus on the quality of your content, always try to provide unique content.

2.Make High PR Backlinks:-

What people do is they start making backlinks from the website which is totally different from their niche, so this is not good because google sometimes considered it as a spam. You should try to make backlinks from the website which has good domain authority and that suits your niche also.

The one best way to get High PR backlinks is using guest posting, you can join guest posting of various sites and from there you will get backlinks to your site.

Never try to create lots of backlinks in one day, because this is against of Google guidelines and your website may get ban from google or other search engines. So create backlinks on regular basis.

3.Website should be mobile friendly:-

With mobile friendly, I meant to say that it should be easily accessible from mobile also. Always choose responsive themes for your website because these themes easily adjust themselves as per the screen size.

Remember, if you are using plugins also then make sure that they are also mobile friendly because there are lots of WordPress plugins that are not mobile friendly and it leaves a bad impression on the user due to which your website ranking may effect.

4.Submit your Website to Webmaster:-

As you see above, I have shown my website report to you. This report is made by google search console or you can say google webmaster tool. There is other search engine webmaster tool also like Bing, Yandex, etc.

What you need to do is submit your website sitemap to these webmaster tools, if you don’t know how to submit it then you watch related videos on YouTube.

These tools give you information related to various things like, how May sites are linked to your site, what are people queries, what is your content position in Google (if google search console used), etc.

5.Use Google Keyword Planner:-

The keyword is the king of your content, you have to do lots of research first on your focus keyword, only then you will be able to get good organic traffic. Google keyword planner is a free tool that you can use to find keywords that are related to your content.

Always go with long tail keywords which are low in competition and has high monthly searches. After finding a keyword, try to use it in your content’s Title, Description, URL, or Headings.

6.Directory Submission:-

There are lots of directories available where you can submit your website URL, directory submission is a lengthy process but it will give you benefits not instantly but after some time. So keep submitting your website link to these directories.

Directory submission is just like creating backlinks for a website, if you have a good budget to spend then you can go for premium directory submission where you don’t have to wait longer to get listed on it.

7.Use RSS FeedBurner:-

There is tool name RSS FeedBurner, which helps you to grow your email subscriber list, you have to register your website in this tools and then paste the code to your website widget section, it will help you to convert your new visitor into your returning visitor.

Watch YouTube videos to know how to use this tool.

8.Image Search:-

Image search and links can also help you get more traffic to your website. Alt tagged images add crawlable content to your page in addition to improving the user experience. They can also get traffic through image search results.

Try to use alt tag of your image and put your focus keyword in it.

9.Refine the User Experience:-


Are your visitors, users, and customers satisfied with the interface on your website or app? Are they facing any trouble while navigating, signing up, or making a purchase? These are some of the factors to be noted during any good digital marketing campaign.

You can run a series of surveys and A/B test experiments and find out what is working with them; what they are looking for; and what the users of the website do not want to see. When your website and whatever you promote satisfies the needs of the users, they can make the most of the information you provide and even recommend your website to others. That, in turn, increases the traffic to your website.

10.Broken Link Building:-

You will often hear about the term “broken link building” in SEO world. It is nothing but identifying external broken links on websites and that broken link points to a content similar to your blog post article.

So, you need to find out such broken links and replace them with your article link. It not only helps you to get backlinks but also the site owner to get their page fixed.  It is time-consuming but it’s really worth to spend.

I hope these white hat SEO techniques will help you to grow your website, if you know more about white hat SEO techniques other than this then please share with us in the comment section. And stay tuned with us for more updates like this.

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