How a Clean Office boosts employees’ productivity?

Is that claim, a myth? Does a clean office boost employee productivity? What is a healthy office after all? We shall address these questions today and learn how to keep an office clean and healthy.

As per a report based on a research on British employees by Mercer (UK), sick leaves cost British firms one month of productivity every year. That is almost 9% loss in productivity overall every year. This is a huge figure given the fact that most of the companies today have a profit margin of less than 10% of the productivity.

That is why more and more companies are taking office cleanliness very seriously. However, the question here remains that how office cleaning boosts employees’ productivity?

A clean office makes a better impression

A clean office leaves gives a strong feel-good factor as soon as one steps into an office. It lifts the mood of the people working in it and this leads to many positive returns not just in terms of workplace health but directly affects employees mood and productivity as well.

For a start-up company, having a clean work environment is a must. Because if you are looking to attract talented people you need to understand that they are the ones who value cleanliness the most. So a clean office also acts as your most powerful HR consultant.

When these people see a cleaner office, it will reflect that you encourage a tremendous and neat work culture, another reason to keep the office cleaning top on the shelf.

If your stocked pantry has cockroaches & termite infestation or if you large cubicles have rats running around or if your imported coffee machine is dusty and stained not many will appreciate those facilities and infrastructure.

Safety of an Office lies in its Cleanliness

It is a logical and natural assumption (though backed by numerous statistics) that a clean office is a safe office. When you have discarded items piled up and office usable are dusty or if the carpets are unclean with different liquids that have dried up or paint remnant that is often inflammable your office is not safe. Unclean offices often face more accidents and it leads to loss of productivity as well.

All electrical devices like printers, scanners, shredders etc must be cleaned as per the manufacturer’s guidelines by a professional cleaning company.

Pantry, Kitchen and Storerooms must be treated carefully and pest control is done regularly. Places that are not clean and maintained often lead to food infections, dust allergies, and even electric short circuits.

Order and proper Organization is very Important

The organization of office items and neatly classifying and storing them is very important. You may not realize the amount of time that goes into digging up files, pen drives, CDs, expense receipts etc from piles of unorganized stuff.

Someone in the company, generally the HR manager or the GM must take this up very seriously and be a strict taskmaster when it comes to setting standards in organization and cleanness. It may sound like nagging but everyone will be thankful for the same at the end of the day.

Higher productivity is what every boss wants from the employees in order to earn more money.

Take away from this article

To conclude, cleanliness at office and home is your best health insurance policy, and the rewards from it are much higher than what you invest in it. We should promote regular cleaning activity at offices. If it is not something you can perform regularly, consider hiring professional cleaning companies.

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