How to Control Iphone From Computer Without Jailbreak – Solved!

Howdy Folks! First of all, tell me who has suggest you buy an iPhone? If it was your choice then okay, otherwise go and ask that buddy (who has suggested you) to teach you how to control iPhone from computer 😆 Don’t take this seriously.  😀 

So, today’s talk will be going around controlling the iPhone from the computer even without doing Jailbreak! Yes, you heard it right. After finishing this article you will yourself able to control your iPhone from the computer.

This is the problem of every single iPhone user, they face difficulty in controlling their iPhone through their PC or MAC. There are no. of apps that may not run on your computer without doing a jailbreak. These apps actually require you to jailbreak your iPhone only if you want to control that app from your PC or MAC.But today I assured you that you will be going to enjoy every single apple apps which are on your ios device i.e. iPhone.

The steps that I am going to share with you today works very well for me. These are all easy to follow steps that one can easily implement without any external help.

So, without wasting any further time let’s come to the main talk. So are you ready to learn those steps which can help you to control iPhone from computer? Yes? Okay, let’s move forward.

First of fall, we will use AirServer to control iPhone from computer…


How to Control iPhone from Computer by using AirServer?

I know all of you are thinking that What the Heck this “AirServer” is? It is nothing just a simple and the best application to use if you want to control your iPhone from a PC or Mac remotely. It works best for remotely controlling. You can easily control your any IOS devices i.e. iPhone, ipod touch, etc from computer with the help of this application.

Now the question is,

How to use this application?

I have mentioned the AirServer installation steps that you can follow in order to operate this application.

Installation Steps for AirServer

  • First of all, You need to open your Chrome browser or any other browser on your computer. Now you have to visit, Now, wait for the while and let the page loaded. After that look for the Products tab and tap on it.

  • Now, it will show you various devices option like for PC, for MAC, for Xbox Edition, etc. You have to select one option as per your operating system. Now I have selected the first option, i.e. for PC.

  • Then go for downloading that product.

  • Again you will be asked to choose your Operating System and Window Version.

  • Open your download folder and open the application.
  • Now you have to install that AirServer application on your PC or Laptop. Click next to begin the installation process.
  • After that you have to agree with that application license agreement in order to use it. So click ” I accept” and move forward by tapping “Next”.

  • Now, don’t be panic for the activation key that it will ask you to put in because you don’t need it. Just click on the option “I want to try Airserver Universal”, then it will not ask for the activation key.


  • After clicking next, it will ask you to tell the destination folder where you want to install the files of that application. Select wisely and click “Next”.

  • Then you have to select “No” option and click on “Next” button.

  • And now the final step, just click on the install button and let it be finished.

  • Now you have to try that application, so click “Try” and then finish button.

This is how you have to install the AirServer application on your computer.

Now we will learn,

How to control iPhone Device

  • Firstly you have to open that AirServer application, as you will see its icon on the bottom-right corner of your screen.

  • Now, you have to generate a QR code which will help to connect your iPhone. So, now just click on QR code for Airserver Connection. Now you will see that it will generate a QR code for you.

  • After doing this, come to your iPhone and open the App store and look for the AirServer app on your iPhone.

  • Now, you have Airserver app on both of your devices. So, scan that code with your iPhone that you have generated before on your PC or Computer.

  • It will take few minutes to connect your iPhone to that Computer/PC or Laptop. And after a while it will show you a notification, “You have Successfully added”

  • Now, you have to swipe up your screen in order to see options that you can use through this app. After that look for the “Screen Mirroring” option.

  • After that select your desktop or computer.

Hurray! You are all done. Congratulation, as now you can easily control your iPhone from computer. Still, if you are not able to start the screen mirroring then don’t worry just click on stop mirroring. Wait for a while, and then again try to start the screen mirroring through the control center.

Still, if it is not working then restart your iPhone device and the computer as well, and again repeat the same process as mentioned above and wait till the screen mirroring changes to your desktop name.

Don’t lose hope, if this method does not work for you and still you are not able to control your iPhone from computer then I have a second best method that you can follow.

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Second method… for remotely controlling…

How to Control iPhone from PC or Computer by using ISL Light

This method is the easiest one to play with. If you get failed in the first method then don’t worry this method will tell you how to control your iPhone directly from the PC, a very short process to follow. So without letting you wait much more let’s begin with the steps.

Follow these steps in order to do screen mirroring.

  • First of all, you are reuired to download the ISL application for both of your device i.e for your computer and as well as for your iPhone.
  • If the application is downloaded successfully, the next step you have to perform is just starting a session on your computer or pc.
  • Now, open that application on your ios devices too.
  • The final step to perform is that you have to share your session code that is generated on your computer with your iPhone in order to let these devices make a connection between themselves.
  • Hurray! You have successfully able to to see your iPhone screen on your PC or Mac.

So, how is it? I know this is a very easy method to follow. Now enjoy your iPhone screen on your Computer and run any apple app that you may want to run.

My Final Words to You! (Conclusion)

So, friends, I hope these methods will work for you as it worked for me as well. I always came out with those tricks that I personally use and I have an experience of how to use them perfectly so never ever worried about the things like viruses, etc. I never want my readers to face any loss with my tricks so don’t worry about it. Okay, So now I believe you must learn something new today, now you can say to anyone that you can easily control the iPhone screen from a PC or Mac. So, what are you waiting for? Go and Enjoy! And please share this post with your friends so that they can also enjoy the benefit of this applications too. And please share your query (if any) in the comment section, I will love to help you out. Bye-Bye! Have a Great Time!

How to Control Iphone From Computer Without Jailbreak - Solved!
Article Name
How to Control Iphone From Computer Without Jailbreak - Solved!
Do you want to remotely control iPhone from PC? If yes, then you are at a right place because I have shared my personal best apps that I myself uses which has helped me to control iPhone from computer/ pc or mac and even without doing jailbreak! Don't need to use teamviewer, just leave it on me and follow these steps.

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  • John

    I found this article frustrating. One of the titles is “How to Control iPhone from Computer by using AirServer?”

    I followed these instructions only to find that this tool is simply used as a mirror software and only simple media PC controls will work with any functionality of the device you are mirroring. This probably should have been noted and not clickbait titled

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