How Internet Works via Cable or what? – Let’s find out!

Surprisingly, the Internet is deeply embedded in people’s live. It became a necessity nowadays, but still, most of us never thought of its mechanism (how internet works).

Just to check people knowledge about Internet, I ran a survey in which I asked a very simple question to them, i.e. “What is Internet”?

Shockingly, no one was able to give a perfect answer, some say “Internet is like a Popular Thing” and other says “Satellite up there in space is providing Internet”, so they don’t have any idea about what exactly the internet is and where it comes from.

And it really doesn’t matter for them because these are the things that they used in their daily life and they don’t much care about the fact that who invented them.

See, the Internet is nothing but just interconnectivity of two or more computers.

Though “Internet” is a vast topic but today we will only cover “How it actually works”.

But before we proceed let’s know first who is the in charge of Internet?

What do you think? The Government? Bill Gates? No.

And the honest answer is nobody or everybody, see the real answer is that internet is made of the incredibly large number of independently operated networks.

There is no central control over it. It is fully distributed.

Now, How Internet Works?

99% of the internet works through optic fiber cables. You may be thinking that how these wires able to provide internet globally.

Pay attention now, actually, there are three main networks i.e. Tier 1 Network, Tier 2 Network and Tier 3 Network.

Through these networks internet reach your local network tower.

First, Tier 1 Network comes into picture which interconnects the different countries network by installing the optic fiber cables or submarine cables deep under the sea. So now every country is connected with each other through these cables, this is the work of tier 1 network.

Below image shows how these cables are connected with United State. You can also know other countries cables connection through this website.

These cables sizes are as thin as your body’ hair and it contains the bandwidth of more than 100 Gb/sec.

Now, your country has the connectivity of internet and here comes the role of tier 2 network and also tier 3 network.

These networks successfully help in providing connectivity to your local tower and through the local tower, it comes to your home.

What happens when one of these wire cut down under the sea? Will your internet stop working? No.

This is only because of the backup, which is already created. Though, your internet speed may vary because through backup it will choose the different path (different cable) to perform the same work.

So, this is how internet works.

For more clarity let’s run an example. We will see how step by step we reach google server, I run a command in my laptop (if you are using window’s PC then you can run the same) as you can see below:

As you can see in the image, I run a command for tracing the google and it show the above result.

It goes through around 9 IP’s and then finally pingback from google. And among these IP’s some are from local server and some are servers connected through a submarine cable.

Now, I believe you will get how Internet works.

Still, if you have a doubt you are welcome to share it with us in the comment section or if you feel I forget to add something important related to working of Internet then feel free to discuss it with us.

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