How to Get Google Play Credit Free (10 Best Simple & legit ways)

Howdy Folks! Who all want to download paid apps and games on play store by using free google play credit? Yes, you heard right! You can easily earn google play credit for free because you are my readers and I always take care of my readers  😉 

So, this post is going to be a fun for all Android Users. I am Android as well as IOS user, so I know many of tricks for both the operating system and I keep sharing those tricks with all of you. Because I believe Sharing is Caring!  :-). As an Android Phone User, I know the Google Play store is the best place to download all the latest apps and the games for the Android device. And it is entirely secure to download apps from google play store. Also, I know many of us use lots of play store apps and games and sometimes we see many of our favorite games and apps are not free to download and we have to spend money to purchase them.

So, What If I Share with you…

10 Best Legit Ways to Earn Google Play Credit For Free!

Sounds Great? Right? Yes, this is actually insane, you can easily earn free google play rewards with Google opinion rewards and some other related Android apps. But before diving into the core topic lets first understand…

What Can I Buy With Google Play Credit? (Its Benefits)

  • The first and the foremost merit of having the google play credit is that you don’t have to add money to your Google Play Store balance to purchase any of the paid apps or games.
  • If you don’t have enough time to spend on purchasing those paid apps then having google play credit is a damn good thing, as it will let you make payments faster and quickly.
  • If you are a regular downloader of the paid apps and games, then don’t be worry about the google play credit as it safe to keep those popular rewards for a long term.

Now, apart from these all, the question is…

How to Get Google Play Credit Free?

As I mentioned above, I will share with you 10 Best ways to earn Google Play rewards, so let’s start with our Top 10 list.

1. AppNana

You will find the name of this app a bit awkward but this is the most popular alternative to Google opinion rewards, and help to earn free credits for play store, Amazon, iTunes, and others. This AppNana is the best app to use all the apps for free and also best to earn free Google credits. What you need to do is you have to download the apps and use them for a while. After doing this all, you can easily earn free play store credits.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Steps to Follow for AppNana

  1. We have provided below the direct play store link to download the AppNana app.
  2. You have to just download apps that are available in this AppNanaapp and earn free google rewards.
  3. By downloading those apps, you can earn points and then you can redeem those points for gift cards.

2. Juno Wallet

This JunoWallet app is also a great source to earn free rewards and free gift cards. You will find various activities to do in it, like playing games, watching videos, completing surveys and much more, to earn those free gift cards. Apart from providing free credit for play store, this app also provides free gift cards and rewards for other stores like Amazon, eBay, iTunes and many more related stores.

Steps to Follow for Juno Wallet

  1. Download the App from the given direct link and install it.
  2. Just sign up for the account, make your account on it.
  3. Now you have to complete the task which mentioned in the app in order to earn free gift cards and rewards. The task of downloading apps, watching videos and others.
  4. For redeeming those points or rewards, you can go the shop and get your rewards after earning some credits.
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3. Cubic Reward

Cubic Reward is one of the best apps for earning free gift cards. You just simply use the apps mentioned in the Cubic App, just download them and use for a while. There are no.o f best apps and games present in the Cubic Reward. After earning those credits, you can easily redeem them by purchasing the paid apps or android games from the play store. And one more thing that you can do is that you can redeem gift cards on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Steps to Follow for Cubic Reward

  1. The first and the foremost thing, you have to download the Cubic Reward and install it from the play store.
  2. Download whichever the apps and games you like from the Cubic Reward.
  3. While using those apps, remember that you are using it for only earning free google play credit.
  4. Also, by referring that Cubic Reward app with your friends, you can also earn free gift card or vouchers.
  5. You will also get bonus points from this Cubic Reward which you can use every day.

4. Free My Apps

As its name suggests, this is the best app which allow you to earn free google play rewards. This app is more similar to the AppNana, as it offers the user to get free gift cards just by downloading and using the apps or games. The stores like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and a lot of more stores, for all of them you can earn free gift cards by using Free My Apps. Also, for free google play gift cards, you can redeem your credits.

FreeMyApps - Gift Cards & Gems
FreeMyApps - Gift Cards & Gems

Steps to Follow for FreeMyApps

  1. As similar to the above-mentioned steps, first, you need to download and install the Free My Apps by using the direct link provided below.
  2. After downloading the app, you need to download and play games from it, which allow you to earn free google play credit.
  3. Please note, each time you play a new game, you will receive free credits.

5. Google Opinion Rewards

This one is the official google play store app that one should download in order to earn free google play store credits. This app is one of the best sources to earn play store credits for free. How exactly this app works is that this app is just like survey site, as they send free surveys once in a week. You have to just fill those survey and you can earn up to 1$ or higher in play store credits. (I have made around 50$ from this app, so if I can do it, you can do it too  ;-)).

Steps to Follow for Google Opinion Rewards

  1. First, you are reuired to download this Google Opinion Rewards app and install it from the direct link provided below.
  2. After getting the installation, just open the app. And carefully read the instruction of the app. After that skip that instruction.
  3. After doing the above steps, the Google Opinion Rewards will ask you to fill a little bit information, fill that information wisely because depending on that information the Google Opinion Rewards will provide you surveys related to your information.
  4. You will receive notification whenever the Google Opinion rewards get a survey for you.
  5. You can also see it in Google Opinion Rewards dashboard. Just answer the surveys. Then you will receive Google Play Store credits.
  6. In this way, you can easily earn as much as google play credits as you want by this Google Opinion Rewards android app.
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6. Tap Cash Rewards

While writing this article, one of my friends suggests me to add this Tap Cash Rewards in my list, as this also allow you to earn free credits by downloading and using the apps or games in it. All the while gaining credits that you can redeem for gift cards. If you want to make free gift cards for Amazon, Skype, and many other places, including Google play store, then you should try this app once.

7. InstaGC

This one is the another best rewards program which will allow you to do different things to gain lots of points and credits. You can do things that you would ordinarily be doing in any case, for example, playing games and watching the video, and gain points that you can reclaim for play store credits, or take as money through PayPal.

8. Feature Points

With the help of this Feature Points program, you just need to download those apps or games that they will suggest. After downloading those apps or games you just have to use them for seconds at least. After doing this all, you will get credit as a point which you can exchange for Google store gift cards.

9. Free Gift Cards App

Free Gift Cards is one of the best apps that offers you free credit for Google Play Store, Amazon, iTunes, Xbox, PlayStation, Paypal and much more. You will find several deals on this app which you are required to complete before earning your rewards. With Free Gift Cards, you can gain focuses by running applications in the Point offers, watching the video in Point offers, welcoming your friends to attempt Free Gift Cards and signing the application consistently.

10. Gift box

Gift Box in one of the highest rated apps to earn Google Play credits. You can earn rewards coins by downloading and playing apps and games, watching videos, inviting friends to join, and logging into the app each day. Believe it or not but this app has a 4.7-star rating with nearly 69,965 reviews. You will find lots of different tasks each day which will allow you to earn more points. Plus, they also have a prize spin wheel to potentially earn an even larger reward.

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My Final Words to You! (Conclusion)

So, I believe you will like this post, as today I have shared my personal journey of earning free google play credits with all of you, it is just like earning money online. If you face any kind of difficulty in earning those points, share it with me in the comment section ( I’m waiting there for you). Also, share this post with your loved ones so that they can also download those paid apps or games just for free by earning these free google play credits. Overall, thanks for sharing your precious time with me. Bye-Bye! Have a Great time!


How to Get Google Play Credit Free (10 Best Simple & legit ways)
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How to Get Google Play Credit Free (10 Best Simple & legit ways)
Do you want to download your favorite android paid apps or games for free? Sounds Cool, Right? Yes, this is true (If you have google play credit with you). I have shared 10 legal ways to earn those free google play credit. You don't need to buy google play credit just follow these hacks and get those rewards for free.
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