Top Life Insurance Companies in USA – Based on Consumer Reviews!

Howdy, Everyone! Many people consider life insurance is a scary thing but apart from it, it is an essential part of financial planning, which everyone must do. If you are under debts, having kids, own a home or business, you should seriously consider life insurance. And if you are here and reading this, then I am sure you are ready to get life insurance, all you are looking for some guidance to know about best life insurance companies. Okay, so we have compiled a list of you all which shows the best life insurance companies in USA.

So here we go,

1.Haven life insurance:-

Haven life, no doubt, it is one of the best life insurance companies in USA insurance market today. You know what? Haven life insurance is the only one life insurance company which provides you with the 100% online platform to buy any life insurance policy without any agent interaction. This is the good thing which I personally like the most because it provides convenience and effectiveness both to the consumer as well to the company itself.

Haven life is backed and wholly owned by MassMutual, a trusted life insurance company with more than 160+ year experience in its category.

Here are three main things you need to know about Haven Life-

  • Instant Issue- A quick and Easy online application process.
  • For most of the customer, there is no need to give the medical exam.
  • Coverage – It is started immediately

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2.Banner Life:-

I know you may haven’t heard this name before, but Banner life is the one among the best life insurance companies which provide term insurance. It offers products which come with a great range of convertible options, riders and second-to-none sub-standard underwriting style.

Here are three main things you need to know about Banner Life-

  • Superior Underwriting
  • Affordable term
  • Riders & Convertibility

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3. MassMutual (Among Most Famous Life Insurance Companies in USA):-

As mentioned above, the company is serving life insurance products for more than 160 years, no doubt, their products are very competitive and diverse. The company is conservative and long-term focussed. You will get see a large variety of coverage options that company offered like full retirement planning, etc.

With the addition of backing Haven Life, and having a full suite of financial planning products, it’s no wonder they are leading the best in the marketplace.

Here are three main things you need to know about MassMutual-

  • Full retirement planning.
  • Strong Financial strength
  • A number of coverage options.

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4. Protective:-

Our top life insurance companies in USA list will be incomplete if we don’t count Protective in it. I like this company motto which states “Do the Right Thing, Serve People, Build Trust and Simplify Everything”. The company is serving people since 1907, which is a great thing.

Thinking about your permanent coverage? Like for estate planning, then choosing this company will be the best option for you.

Here are three main things you need to know about Protective-

  • Best Universal Product
  • Estate Planning.
  • Highly Competitive Pricing.

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Prudential (Pruco), or “the Rock”, these are the fantastic companies that everybody knows. I personally like Pruco because they have made the financial decision to dominate certain “niches” within the life insurance industry. The company stand out from the crowd by providing unique underwriting guidelines, especially for Cancer Survivors, Tobacco use, Travel locales, DUI’s, Diabetes, etc.

Here are three main thing you need to know about Prudential:-

  • Good Risk Underwriting.
  • Great for
  • Solid Product line.

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Thanks for listening! 

Based on my own experiences and customer reviews, I made this list and I hope it has delivered you a valuable information, still if you want to share your views regarding any above-listed companies then comment section is waiting for you!

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