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Howdy Folks! I know many of you are looking for unlocking FRP solution for your handset devices (especially Samsung)  8-). See, the FRP i.e. Factory Reset Protection is one of the best security that protects your mobile not to access by anyone, when you reset the mobile. And this security feature sometime creates the problem when you yourself forget your credentials. But, don’t be panic  :-(, leave it on me. Because Today I am going to introduce you to FRP Bypass Tool which will act as a panacea for you.

Before moving forward to the working steps, let’s first understand:

What is Samsung FRP Bypass Tool and how it works”?

See, when you buy any latest android mobile, whether it is Samsung or other brands. These all devices have an inbuilt security system which protects the devices and its information such as Data encryption, Screen lock, etc. So, overall FRP (Factory Reset Protection), is a kind of security feature for Android devices. This type of protection only gets activated when someone set up their Google account on the device. So, if you have reset your mobile, still your device is under protection.

So, when FRP Bypass tool comes into the picture? Only when you have forgotten your credentials, so, in this case, Samsung FRP Bypass Tool helps you to reset the factory data of your device.

There are no. of methods available on the internet to bypass the google, but they all require a good technical knowledge and also a perfect guide to unlock the phone. But the FRP Bypass Tool that I am going to share today with you is totally free and easy process to follow. The FRP Lock removal or you can say the FRP removal tool that I am going to use is the Octopus Samsung FRP Unlocker. You can easily download the same by visiting the link mentioned below.

Before I show you the download links, Let’s see first the features of Normal Samsung Galaxy Device FRP Hijacker

Features of Samsung FRP Bypass Tool!

  • The only main function of this FRP removal tool is to unlock the Samsung Galaxy devices like s7, etc.
  • The best thing is, this FRP tool is free to download.
  • This tool/ method to bypass is highly preferable for Samsung Devices.
  • This tool also allows you to reset phone dialer.

You are required to download the two software first, after that we will proceed further with its download mode.

Here is the link to Download both Softwares

Octopus Samsung FRP Tool 2018

Samsung USB Drivers

Now, the question is:

How to use Samsung FRP Bypass Tool 2018 – Method to Bypass!

Using the FRP Unlocker or FRP Removal Tool is an easy process, you just need to follow the below-mentioned steps and Yes, after then you will have your Samsung device unlocked after resetting.

I believe you have now downloaded both software from the link mentioned above, if not, then please do it now. After then, you have to enter Download Mode on your device.

Now, How to Open Download Mode? 

  • First, you need to turn off your Samsung Galaxy device, whether it is J5, S5, S6 edge, S7, and edge version also. 


  • Now, the difficult step: You have to press three buttons of your mobile at a single time, Yes you heard right at the single time. Those three buttons are Volume Down + Home Button + Power Button.

  • Hold those button until you see a warning message on your device. When a warning pop up comes out, leave those button.

  • Now, you will see the Download Mode on your screen, Press the Volume Up Button to enter this Download Mode.

Hurray! 😀 You have Successfully entered in the Download Mode, if not then I have another alternative for you but remember this is paid one. 

This is online (paid) method to Bypass FRP, I have mentioned a website link which will help you to bypass google but you have to pay a small amount for the same.

Click here to Unlock the FRP Online – Alternate Method to Bypass FRPGoogle Account

Now, I think you have entered in Download mode, let’s discuss the Further Steps to follow

Important Steps for Drivers Installation for your Samsung Galaxy Device

The steps that I am going to Discuss with you now is required your PC or Laptop.

  • You have to first install your USB Drivers on your PC or Laptop.
  • After installing the driver, connect your device to your Laptop or PC.
  • Now, you have to enter in the properties section of your Computer. Right click on your My Computer Icon and Open the Properties.
  • I hope you have successfully entered in the properties section, now please look for Device Manager on the Left side, enter it.

  • For the whole process, it is important to check your mobile is connected to your PC or not, so to check this look for your device in the Device Manager.

So, now the crucial part.

How to Bypass the FRP Google by using Octopus Software?

I believe you have already downloaded the Octopus Software from the above link, if not then please download it now and after that follow the below steps.

  • After installing the Octopus Software, enter into it and look for Support and Click on it.
  • After that, you have to select your Samsung Galaxy Device Model No. under the Samsung Phone Model Tab.
  • Now, go to the actions tab, and click on the Reset FRP option, you will find this option in last second or third column.

  • After clicking on it, you will see a pop up comes out, and it will show you that ADB must be enabled, so you have to do the same by clicking on the OK button.
  • In the Log section of the app, there will be a message at the end: Searching for the phone(Waiting for ADB device.). Then click on Cancel button from Actions tab and then on Reset FRP/Reactivations button on the Actions tab.
  • After completing the above step, you will again see a pop up comes out and it will show you a message: Reset FRP/Reactivations Lock operation for Samsung…. or something like that.
  • In the last step, you have to click on the OK button and it will ask you to wait for some time. And Yes,  😉 you have successfully removed the Factory Rest Protection Lock from your device.

So, what you would like to say now? I know you are pretty much amazed because you yourself did that. You know what you can easily do anything like that by just following the steps we mentioned. Now you can tell your friends that you have successfully removed the FRP Lock by using the FRP Bypass Tool. Tell them that you have just followed our whole guide and easily remove the FRP lock by using the FRP Bypass Tool in a minute of time. 

My Final Words to You!

So, I can say that this is one of the best FRP Bypass Tool 100% working in 2018. And the Octopus Samsung Frp Unlocker is the Tool that I have shared with you all as an FRP removal Tool. I know this is a cool trick, even a non-technical person can easily perform this trick without having any issues. You don’t have to worry about OTG’s, and Complex software, etc. Now, when anyone faces the same FRP Problem, then I must say you can tell them to use this FRP Bypass Tool 2018 which is based on Octopus FRP Unlocker.

You know what Why I have Shared this Trick with you? Just because It is integrated with the easiest steps that can be used to break the FRP lock using FRP Bypass in Samsung device. And the best part is that this trick is working for all Samsung Galaxy Devices/ Mobile Phones Out there.

I hope you liked this article, if yes then don’t forget to share it on social platforms. And thanks for visiting this blog, I promise to keep you updated with more similar kinds of stuff i.e. more frp applications. 

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Octopus Samsung FRP Bypass Tool 2018 Free Download - Frpgoogle Account Bypass
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Octopus Samsung FRP Bypass Tool 2018 Free Download - Frpgoogle Account Bypass
Learn now How to use FRP Bypass Tool to bypass the google frp of your device.

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