How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Without Root (Without Computer)

Howdy Folks! So have you lost any of your important files or data from your Android device, if yes then please stay tuned with me. As today’ talks will be walking around Android data recovery. After using this trick which I am going to share with you today, you will be able to recover file or any other deleted photos videos. So, the question is How to Recover Deleted Files on Android even without rooting the device. 

Friends, I saw many of people accidentally or mistakenly delete most of the important files from the Android and then they cry for their mistake.  😥

See, the file can be anything like it can be important videos or photos, these photos or videos can be personal or it can be related to your school presentation or company’s presentation. And when you lost these important files, you feel like broken because you don’t know how to recover those Android data. And finally, you go to the mobile repairing shop to seek their help but for their service, they will charge you.

But what if I will tell you some easy steps to recover those files or those deleted photos videos. Even if you don’t have any PC or Laptop, still you can easily recover your all android data.

So, overall I must say that this article is going to amazing because after reading this whole article you yourself able to recover deleted files on Android phone with the help of your Android device (No need of any PC or Laptop at all).

But before moving forward, I want you to pay attention here. There is an application called Disk Digger Pro app. As its name suggests, this is actually a pro app because it is the only app which helps you to recover your deleted files from Android phone or mobile.

This Disk Digger App is available in Pro and Free version. I will explain you a little bit about it first before we move forward to the main steps. So, Disk Digger app is one of the best Android data recovery app which can easily undelete or recover your deleted photos, videos, music, documents and many other files from your device’s internal memory or your memory card.

The one more thing which I want to share with you about this android application is that it allows you to save your files to those FTP servers and later on you can also save them to your folder.

Difference Between Disk Digger Pro and Free Version

Now, I will tell you what exactly the difference between the Pro & Free version, and also explain you the pros&cons of both.

Disk Digger Free Version

Always remember, the word “Free” comes along with the word called “Limitations”  😮.

So, if you want to try the Disk Digger Free version then you can easily download it and install it without paying any amount. Also, you don’t need to root your Android device in the free version. The only limitation with this free version of Disk Digger is that it will only allow you to recover your Photos. So, I must say with this version you cannot recover your all android data other than Photos.

Disk Digger Pro Version

But, as I always say the Pro is actually a Pro. With the help of Disk Digger Pro version, you can easily recover or undelete any type of file from your Android device. But, to go for pro you have t pay some amount. I don’t know the exact amount but yes I can provide you a fair idea. It will cost you around 2.93 US Dollar or Rs.189/- as in Indian currency. And I believe this is not a big amount as compare to those service centers charges. But remember one thing, if you use the Pro version you will be required to root your Android device first, only then you can easily do your Android data recovery.

And Yes, this Disk Digger App is very easy to use.

Why needs to Recover Deleted Files on Android Phone or Mobile

Friends, sometimes we face a situation when we actually need some tricks or hacks which can help us to get back those important files or those deleted photos videos. And you put your all efforts on searching for “How to Recover Deleted Files from Android Phone” on google. And most of the results that you get from this query on google are fake. Those websites only show fake tricks about Recover Deleted Files From Android Phone because they only want to make money rather than providing help to the users.

Even, many of people think that once they deleted any of their important files from their Android device then they won’t be able to recover it back. I want to convey a message to those people that in today’s world everything is possible because of the advancement in the technology.

So without wasting much more time, let’s talk about some easy Methods To Recover Deleted Files on Android Phone.

I have already tell you about the Disk Digger app, now you will learn how to use that Android data recovery app.


How to Recover Deleted File on Android Phone/ Mobile

Now, without letting you wait for more, I will explain you all the methods that I know and which you can also apply for recovering back your deleted files. I have also shared one method through which you can create a Recycle Bin on your Android mobile so that you can easily get back your important data from the bin if it is deleted already. And for doing this there is no need to use any PC or Laptop.

I have also shared a method or trick which can help you to recover your already deleted data but remember, you need a pc for implementing this method. So, now it’s up to you, you can choose any of these methods which suits your requirements.

What are the Requirements to Recover Deleted files using Android Phone

Guys, I will tell explain you every single piece of information related to the Android data recovery in this article. That’s why it is important to tell you first all the requirements to recover deleted files on Android Phone. After telling the requirements, we will move forward to the Steps to recovering deleted files from your device.

So, here are some basic requirements that you will need to fulfill for successfully completing this task of recovering. It is very important to fulfill these requirements.

  • You need an Android Phone that supports Android version up-to 2.3+
  • You need to root your mobile, so rooted device is needed.
  • Disk Digger Pro app, this app is required to do Android data recovery. The link to download the app is provided below.
  • Don’t forget to enable the unknown source on your Android Phone settings. To do the same, just go to Settings> Security> Unknown Source.

Steps to Recover Deleted File Using Android Phone (No Need of PC)


As mentioned above you first need to fulfill all the basic requirements before moving forward for the steps. If you still have not downloaded the Disk digger app, then please install it first and after that, you will be able to perform this all step. So, make sure that your device should be ready to recover otherwise you will fail and then you have to go to the service centers  😛

For Disk Digger Paid Version

  • I hope you have downloaded the disk Digger Pro app, if not, then download it first.
  • Now install it.
  • Now, you need to open the app and start the scanning for the file that you deleted.
  • Please note, the app will take your few minutes only if you have deleted that file long time back.
  • If it shows you the result, means the file that you want, then stop scanning.
  • Now you have to select that recovered file and click on save button.

Click here to download Disk Digger Pro Version

That’s it, this is the only process you have to do if you want to recover deleted file on Android phone. I know this is very simple and easy steps to recover lost files. That’s why I shared this with you.

So, now I must say that you can easily recover or undelete photos, videos, music documents or any type of file in your Android mobile without PC or laptop. And also, after recovering those files you can easily save that file as FTP or can easily share it on Gmail or Bluetooth or any other data sharing app.

Now, come to the Disk Digger Free version…..

Disk Diggger Free Version (Without Root)

Free always sounds great  ;-). Follow the below steps for using this Android data recovery app free version. This Free version will only work for recovering the deleted photos only.

  • First of all, Open Play store app and tap on the search bar.
  • After that, you are required to search for Disk Digger Pro App. With the word “Pro”, Don’t be happy because you will only get the Free version.  😥

  • After that click on the app icon in your screen.

  • Now install the app.

  • Now, grant the permission to the app for installation, click on “Accept”

  • After the app is installed, just open it.
  • Then repeat the same process like the paid one.
  • Start scanning and then stop the scanning, if you find your desired photo.

  • Now, save that photo for further use.

So, I hope now you will get to know how to use both versions of this Disk Digger Android data recovery app.

Now, I will tell you……

How to Protect Your Important Files From Getting Deleted

This one is a very simple procedure, just you need to create a recycle bin for your android device, that’s it. This recycle bin actually comes in Windows PC, which helps to Protect Your File From Getting Deleted. If you want to create this recycle bin for your android phone then you can follow below-mentioned steps.

  • At first, You are required to download the application called Dumpster
  • Install it after downloading.
  • Then, open it.
  • Okay! So delete any file from your Android phone.
  • Now open that application called Dumpster.
  • Now when you click on that, then it will ask for restore or delete permanently.
  • If you want that file to be restored, then click on restore.
  • If you want to permanently delete that file, then click on delete button.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Now, I can say that you will be able to Protect Your File From Getting Deleted now. This app is very good and very useful for all the android users. I personally use this app and I don’t have any fear to lose any important file.

So, now I am going to share with you one last method which you can follow and these are very easy steps to recover any file.

Here it is, the last method which will let you know…

How to Recover Deleted Files From Android Phone Without Root

Please Note:- To use this method, you need to have PC or Laptop, otherwise this won’t work for you.

In this last method, I am going to tell you about the use of the best data recovery software called, Dr.Fone – An Android Data RecoveryThis software is best through which you can recover your all deleted files. So, are you ready to Recover Deleted Files From Android Phone by using Dr.Fone? Olay let’s dot it.

And Yes, to use this method you are not required to root your android device to recover your lost data, as this software easily works on non-rooted devices. Here we provide full user guide to installation process or working download link, so you don’t need to open an external site to Recover Deleted Files From Android Phone.

Follow these steps:

  • First, download the Dr. Fone software.
  • Install it.
  • Now go to your android device settings > developer option > USB Debugging turn it on. (if you do not see developer option in your phone, then go to settings > about > build number click on it 7 to 8 times, and then you can access developer option of your android.
  • Now you are required to use your USB cable to connect your phone to PC.
  • Now, you have to select the type of file which you want to recover.
  • Then click on recover
  • It will start the recovering process, and the left side you can check your recovered files.
  • Now, look for your desired file, if you see that file in the recovered list then stop scanning.
  • That’s it, you successfully recover your deleted files on android.

Must Remember:- This Software Dr. Fone is also available in both premium and free version. So, if your file not recovered in the free version, or your file is very important for you, then you can buy their premium version, you can check the price of the premium version in their website.

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My Final Words to You! (conclusion)

So, finally, now you have learned all the advanced level tricks to recover lost files on Android. I hope you will like this post and thanks for sharing your valuable time with me. Guys, please remember, never ever use these techniques for harming anyone. Because any activity to harm someone physically or mentally is a punishable crime. Do not indulge yourself in any kind of crime. I don’t want any of my blog readers to be caught red-handed by the government for any kind of crime. Because if you will be caught by them then I got less traffic to my site   😆

Jokes apart, So friends this trick that I share with you is only meant for help purpose. I hope you will understand what I am trying to say. So, if you like this post then don’t forget to share it with others who are in need of this trick. Thanks for being my lovely readers. I respect your precious time and I promise to keep update you with more similar kinds of stuff. Okay, bye-bye, have a great time.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Without Root(Without Computer)
Article Name
How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Without Root(Without Computer)
Lost your important file, photos or videos? Do not need to worry at all, because in this article, I have provided all the free as well as premium methods available to recover deleted files on Android Phone. Use these methods to get back all of your important files without rooting your mobile and without use of any PC.

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