How To See Saved Wifi Password in Android Without Root (2 Best Method)

Howdy Folks! So, how many of you want to see saved wifi password in Android? Even without rooting your device! Yes, this is possible. Seeing the saved wifi passwords on your windows is very easy, you can easily view it on your PC/ Laptop. But to see the same password in your Android Device, you have to perform some steps before. 

Why am I writing this post today? I saw many of the people or even my community members are looking for the solutions of How to Retrieve, Recover, Show or See saved wifi password in Android Smartphone without root.

You will not find any inbuilt option to see your wifi password on Android. But, don’t worry, I am always here to help my buddies.

You must have seen that most of the websites present on the web today providing the best methods to recover wireless passwords. But the problem is that all of those methods only work when you have rooted device. And when its come to rooting the android device, many people face it difficult to do the same. I personally not prefer to root the device for recovering the wifi password on Android because those methods have some of their pros and cons.

Before proceeding further with those methods, first, understand…

What is Root?

Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as root access) over various Android subsystems.

Now, let’s move forward with the first best method of…

1. How to See Saved Wifi Password in Android (No Root Needed)

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps in order to perform the first method.

  • At the first, you need to download and install the ES File Explorer App in your Android device.
The app was not found in the store. 🙁
  • Now you have to work in that application, just open it and swipe left in order to open the navigation bar.
  • You will see that there is an option of “LOCAL”.

  • After that, you have to tap on “Device”.

  • Now, visit the “System”.

  • After that, click on “Etc” folder.

  • Then open the “Wireless Passwords”.

  • Now click on the file named wpa_supplicant.conf.

  • Open it in ES text viewer.

  • Hurray! You are all done! Now you can see your all saved wifi passwords.

Please Note:- 

It may be also possible that this method may not work for most of the Android device. If it so, then you have to go with the other methods which need a rooted device. Because many of rooted apps available on play store to see wifi password in Android.

But, don’t be sad  :cry:. If this method is not working for you then I have another best method for you also, please try this one.

So, here is the…

2. How to Recover / See Saved WiFi Password In Android Smartphone – Without Root

You have to fulfill some requirements before diving into the steps of this method.

What are the Requirements?

  • You should have a Laptop/ PC with you.
  • You should also have Android Smartphone (In which WiFi network is Connected or Forgot).

Now, let’s move forward with the Steps to follow…

Step1. First You Need to Access Developer Authority

Follow the below-mentioned steps to do the same.

  • In settings, open About phone.
  • Now, keep tapping the “Build Number” option, at least for 5-6 times, until you get the “You’re now a developer” toast message.

Step2. Now you Have to Enable the “Android Debugging”

To do the same, just Go back to Settings. Scroll down for developer options. Turn on the button for “Android/USB debugging”. 

Step3. Downloading and Installing the ADB Drivers

Please Note:- If you have an option of Root Access, set it to ADB only.

So, now…

  • You have to open your PC/ Desktop and download and install the ADB Drivers. I have provided the direct link to download the ADB Drivers below.
  • Download and install platform tools (minimal ADB and fastboot) from HERE

Open the organizer where you’ve introduced the above tool. Hold the Shift key and right snap inside the folder to tap on Open Command Window here.

You can download the driver’s from HERE

Step4. It’s to Test the ADB Now.

Here, we might want to test whether the ABD is working appropriately. To do this, interface your Android device to the PC utilizing a USB. In the command prompt, type ADB administrations and after that press enter. In the event that it’s working appropriately, you should see a gadget in the list.

Steps5. Let’s find the Android Wifi Password 

But before performing this step, make sure that your device should be in the List.

  • Now you will see that you have successfully connected the device in ADB mode, type the following command to pull the file from your phone: adb pull /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf c:/wpa_supplicant.conf

Please Note:- You have to write the above-mentioned command very carefully in the Command Prompt. It should be exactly as given above.

  1. What this command does is that it will fetch the file from your phone and copy it to your C:/ drive.
  2. Boom! Open the file in the notepad, and you are all done.

The Final Steps: Just See your Wireless Passwords

Lastly, Now just open the file with a notepad and there you go. Now you know how to show the wifi password and this is the best way See Saved WiFi Password In Android Without Root.

Please Note:- The first method that I shared with you is the easiest one, which doesn’t need any kind of tool installation, so I prefer you to work on the first method first, is it is not working for you then you can move forward with the second one. 

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My Final Words to You! (Conclusion)

So, here we reach the end of our today’s article, I believe now you should know how you can Recover Saved WiFi Password In Android Without Root as well as Rooted devices. I hope you have enjoyed this article and also like these methods to find saved wifi password in android phone. Please don’t forget to share this valuable information with your loved ones, who are actually looking for the solutions to see Saved Wifi Password in Android, even without root.  😉 Thanks for sharing your precious time with me. Okay! Bye-Bye! Have a Great Time.

How To See Saved Wifi Password in Android Without Root (2 Best Method)
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How To See Saved Wifi Password in Android Without Root (2 Best Method)
Seeing the Wifi Password on Android Mobile is very easy, Yes you heard right! Even, you don't need to root your Android device to do the same. I have shared my best 2 methods that I personally use to view saved wifi password on android without root. So, let's see how to know connected wifi password in Android mobile.
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