10 Best Tips for Effective Communication Skills – It’s Time to communicate with other more effectively

Good Communication Skills is needed everywhere, it reflects your personality and it is the only way to catch people attention. And please let me clear what exactly the communication is, speaking foreign languages fluently is not considered as a good communication skills, Communication is a broader concept which you need to understand, for example, suppose there is a person who knows how to speak English but he doesn’t have ethical values, as he doesn’t know how to give respect to elder ones, nowhere you can’t say that the person has good communication skills.

So today I got some tips for you which you have to follow to achieve success in your life, because if you have good communication skills then you can easily win the battle.

1.Be a good listener (Listening is needed for good communication skills):-

Now you will be thinking that what’s the connection of communication with listening, dude if you never be a good listener then you can never become a good speaker also because these all are interlinked with each other, you just need to understand it.

Suppose, you are running a business with a team of 10 people and you want to grow your business but you never give attention to your employees’ suggestions, here communication gap would be increased and your employee will not able to work with full efficiency so you should be a good listener only then your employee would listen what you want them to do.

Remember: – You Learnt Your Mother tongue by Listening.

2.Develop Reading habit:-

Reading habit is must if you want to improve your vocabulary because when you read something you see how people express their feeling in words and that’s what you have to do. Always underline those phrases or words which are totally unknown to you and then find their meaning so that you can also use them in future.

And you know what reading has some other benefits also like it reduce body stress, makes your memory sharp, stronger analytical thinking skills, etc. So I highly recommend you to start reading things whatever you like whether it a novel, comic book or magazines, etc.

3.Try to Speak (Don’t think what other would say, Just Speak):-

If you are a shy person then you can never be good at communication skills, just be friendly with everyone around you. Speak whenever you get an opportunity, even if it is in broken sentences grab that opportunity and speak.

Speaking will help you to gain confidence, you will slowly notice that you are self-correcting yourself which is the first sign of success.

4.Body Language (Above of All):-

Believe it or not but communication is more of Non-verbal than Verbal, tone and body language plays very important role as much as word do, so when we are conversing it is not only the verbal words that we actually deliver but it is also how we deliver it, tone which we used, the body language or gesture that we have while we are speaking to another person.

So try to observe good speakers and also try to emulate the certain gesture that they used because that will help you to improve your communication skills.


If we want to do our work more perfectly then we need a positive mind, so if you want to be good at communication skills, you need to stay positive, because a positive attitude is crucial to productive communication.

You should be constructive rather than complaining or negative, make your attitude in such a way that you remain encouraging and kind even when expressing concerns or displeasure.

6.Always Appreciate other works:-

Appreciation is important because everyone wants that they should be appreciated for their work or anything else. Suppose, you have started a conversation with a stranger then you should first say thanks to him because he is giving time to you, as we all know time is a very precious resource.

If you appreciate people then your bond with them would increase. So keep praising and appreciating others work as this will leave a good impression on others.


Always request for feedback, because this is the only way to know what exactly other people want from your service or anything else. This will help you to build mutual understanding with others.

Asking for feedback makes other more satisfied with your services because they think that their suggestion would be heard and understand by you.

8.Add Emotions to your voice:-

Ah! We all like to watch movies or some of the other show. And the best part of it is that you hear ‘n’ number of background music. The same thing is to be applied when you speak. You will have to have expressions in your tone. When you have an expressive tone or voices automatically people begin to listen to you.

9.Eye Contact:-

Here, eye contact doesn’t mean that you start staring other, it means that you should not look at the ceiling or the floor while you are in a meeting.

Look in the eye of people and show them you are ready to talk business. And, if there is more than one person conducting the interview, be sure to look at each person.

10.Think before you speak, whether the information with you is right or wrong:-

You don’t ever want to have the wrong information, as this makes you look like you haven’t done your homework!  For this reason, it’s important to always check your facts before you convey it to the other.

So, I hope these 10 tips will help you to improve your communication skills and I am sure that now you know the actual meaning of communication skills, so these all things matter in a good communication skill.

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