Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Program – You Should Try To Earn Some Extra Income

My Personal Advice: – To Become Successful in Affiliate Marketing, Sell those products which are in demand and you should have full knowledge about it so that you can easily convince your audience to go for that product.

There is a number of affiliate marketing program available, and the best thing about these programs is they are free to use. You have to pay nothing to become a member of it. Those who don’t know what the affiliate marketing is, let me clear their doubt.

This work is just like a broker, you earn commission for your work. First, you have to register yourself with some affiliate marketing program then you have to do some research work, here research means you have to look for the trending products, what people are searching on google and other search engines. I personally recommend all you to use Google Keyword Planner to get an idea about trending products. Then create a link for the same product from the program you are registered with.

You have done 60% of work, now the main thing is that how you promote that link to your audience. The best ways I know to use for the promotion of these links are:-

  • Use your own Blog (Gave you long-term benefit)
  • Promote your link on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. (You can also use Facebook Ads and another ad platform to promote that link)

I prefer you all to use these Affiliate Marketing Programs which are mentioned below, visit these programs and have a look in their inventory whether the product you are looking for, is available in it or not.

1.Amazon India (Best Affiliate Marketing Program):-


One of the best affiliate program I have ever used, I make good earning from it. Amazon India provides only Indian products, if you want affiliate of other countries by residing in India then you can do that also, you just need to fill tax information and you will get other countries affiliate. Comment below if you don’t know how to fill that tax information.

Amazon affiliate program gives you the best commission rates, it starts from 0.3% to as high as 12%, so overall you can make a decent earning from it if you use it properly. The best part of Amazon affiliate program is that you will get commission even for other products the user buys after clicking your affiliate link. There is a number of tools available for promoting the product link like they provide you ready made banners and widget that you can plug into your blog and reap the benefit from it.

Want to join Amazon Affiliate? Click Here



Flipkart is also a good shopping platform and people has more trust on Flipkart than Amazon. You can easily join its affiliate program through your current registered account. Just like Amazon, its commission rates also vary for different products. Here is the list of commission rate according to products and device which this program gives.

Just like Amazon, Flipkart also gives mobile friendly banner that you can embed into your site and easily earn a commission when someone bought a product from that banner link.  You can even embed a Flipkart product search within your blog.

Want to join Flipkart Affiliate Program? Click Here



VCommission is India’s Leading Affiliate Network delivering performance on web & mobile to top Indian brands through a growing network of 17,500 affiliates. It has a number of famous e-commerce clients like eBay, Amazon, Myntra, Snapdeal, etc.

VCommission provides you different ways to earn like you can make money through lead generation or driving app installs or generate e-commerce sales.

Want to join VCommission Affiliate Program? Click Here




If you are passionate about traveling and also has a travel blog, TripAdvisor affiliate program is going to be the best option for you. You can easily make commission up to 50% through it plus incentive to make extra cash.

Similarly like Amazon and Flipkart, you will be provided with banners and widgets, which you can use on your blog to drive clicks and commission.

To become a member of this program you have to create an account with TripAdvisor on Commission Junction. Click Here For the Same.



Hostgator is well known hosting service provider. I am also running my website on hosting provided by Hostgator only. I never find any problem in their services so this is the plus point for you if you choose their affiliate program. It will easy for you to convert the user into the customer due to its brand value. It gives you commission around Rs.1250/- per sale, which is a great deal.

You only need to register yourself with its affiliate program, to do the same click here.



Go Daddy is mainly known for domain name registrar but it also provides hosting service. You can make a good commission on its reseller plans. The best thing about GoDaddy is it gives 24/7 customer service. But it does not have its own affiliate program, you need to create an account on affiliate networks like Zanox or Commission junction to become GoDaddy affiliate member.

GoDaddy provides lots of readymade banners which you can use on your blog to promote their services.

7.Big Rock:-


If you have a blog related to marketing, web technologies then Big Rock is the best option for you to start affiliate marketing. Big Rock provides various products and services like Domain Name Registration, Website Hosting, Email Hosting, DIY Website Builder Tool and Digital Certificates. You can sell all these product and service to your target customer and easily make a good commission.

Want to join Big Rock affiliate program? Click here




Cuelink is only best if you have your own website. Even Cuelink has its own WordPress plugin which will make your work easier, you just need to install it. It is the best method to monetize your content, all you need to do is just paste the JavaScript code into your website.

For example, you have written an article about Adidas Watch, the Cuelink will automatically create an affiliate link with your Adidas Watch keyword, and when a person buys the watch from that link then you will get a commission from it.

Click here to join Cuelink Affiliate Program


This site mainly provides different freelancer which you can hire to assign your work in which you are not good. Through freelancer affiliate program you can earn up to 90% of project commission and 10% of the item sold on Freemarket through the banner, feeds and links on your blog, sites or social media.


This is a matrimonial affiliate program,

Where you can earn 75% Revenue share along with it additional 25% bonus opportunity for a total up to 100% commission with the world largest matrimonial site.

So this is the list of the most popular affiliate program, now you can easily go for the program which suits your target audience requirement, leave a comment below for your suggestion and opinion related to affiliate marketing program.

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