Top 10 Amusement Park Accidents : This is going to shock you!

Hello, Guys! I know everybody wants thrill in their life but sometimes, that sudden feeling of excitement and pleasure may turn into a big problem. So, today we are going to show you some terrifying Amusement Park Accidents.

But, before we proceed I want to make you clear that we don’t know what’s written in our destiny so please enjoy your life to the fullest. This list of Top 10 Amusement Park Accidents is only created to make you aware that this can happen to anyone so please be attentive and alert.

10.Broken Scalp:-


The incident happened with small 8-year-old Danielle Foti’s when her parents took her to the amusement park to celebrate her birthday. Unfortunately, when she was riding, her hair got caught in the ride, as the 14 cart sled moved forward, her hair wrapped around a motor on the ride due to the gap in her seat.

This caused her head to smash into the back of her fiberglass seat and the force of the motor was too high which results in breaking the right side of her scalp.

Source: South Coast Today

9.Cut off:-


The incident happened with 16-year-old Kaitlyn Lasitter and left her with life-changing injuries. Her feet were cut off when a free-fall thrill ride malfunctioned at the Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Amusement park. Sources said that the cable of the ride snapped and wrapped around the Kaitlyn’s neck and feet.

Fortunately, she managed to free her neck from the cable and when she tried to free her feet as well suddenly ride dropped down that make cable tightened around her legs cause severe injury to them.

Sources: CNN

8.Human Error (Most terrifying amusement park accidents):-


This incident happened in 2015 when visitors left the British amusement park Alton Towers because of rollercoaster car collide with each other.

To test the track, a test car was sent. But those careless staff mistakenly restarted the ride. The ride was just behind the test car, and when test car stopped the ride full of 16 passengers collides with the test car, the passengers sitting in front got severe injuries to their legs results in a leg amputation.

Source: BBC

7.Cart Derailed:


This is one of the most dangerous or you can say worst amusement park accident, 19 people were injured and one woman was killed on the spot. The incident happened in Japan’s Expoland Amusement park, due to faulty wheel axel the rollercoaster derailed.

19-year-old student Yoshino Kogawara’s head was smashed into a guardrail and she was killed on the spot.

Source: Japan Times

6.Accident due to Disability:-


A man disability turns to his tragic death. He belongs to Iraqi War Veteran’s family, he went to Darien Lake Theme Park in New York, the double leg amputee Sergeant James Hackemer was riding in the front carriage, as the carriage descended 112 Kph down a steep incline make his body slipped through the ride’s restraining bar then he was ejected onto the grass below, and he was no more.(Amusement park accidents)

Source: Mail Online


Entering a restricted area can cost your life.

17-year-old Asia Leeshawn Ferguson has mistakenly entered the restricted area and this results in his tragic death.

 He has lost his hat while he was riding on Batman rollercoaster, so in an attempt to retrieve it he jumped the fences but this was his wrong move as he stumbled into the path of rollercoaster and the coaster struck him, the speed of coaster is about 80 km/hr, he lost his life due to carelessness.

Source: Fox News


In 2015 a new ride named Scream was opened in the Longshan Amusement Park in China, two guest lost their life due to Staff Fault, they hadn’t given them enough time to fasten the belts.

In starting everything was fine but when those guest were taken 20 meters into the air before being flung out of the ride and fatally plunging to the ground below.

Source: Mail Online, Mirror

3.Cart Missing Bolts:-

The incident happened at Galaxyland Amusement Park in Canada. The cart was missing some bolts and this caused the cart to derail. The rollercoaster was moving at a speed of 97 km/hr, the last cart of the coaster detached from the rail and this results in safety bars to disengage, the cart failed to complete the final loop due to this it slide backwards and got smashed into a concrete pillar results in tragic death of 3 passenger and 19 were seriously injured.

Source: LA Times

2.Mechanical Problem:-

A simulation went terribly wrong at Ecoventure Valley theme park in China, some mechanical problem results in misbalanced of the ride.

Simulation chamber caught fire and due to this six people were killed and more than 10 were injured.

Source: Wall Street Journal

1.Burning Castle:

This incident happened in 1984, a Haunted Castle at the Six Flags Great Adventure Park turned into a real-life horror story.

The castle suddenly caught fire and unfortunately 8 guests trapped inside its wall. The temperature of the castle rises to about 1000 degree Celsius, it melts the walls and this turn the building into a raging inferno. But the visitors fought for themselves and tried to make their way throughout the thick smoke.

But when fireman got entry into the castle they found 8 bodies burned and were beyond recognition.

Source: NY Times

So, this was the list of Top 10 Amusement Park Accidents, our motto was to make you aware of these types of accident, please be alert always. Check out Top 10 World’s Deepest Pool – 2017 List.

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