Top 10 Batman Characters : Only For Batman Lovers!

There are almost 70 + Characters in Batman Series but we have sorted out only 10 Best Batman characters that are playing a major role. If you are less aware of Batman series then this list may help you to know more about Batman characters. Before we proceed further we want to make you clear that the list we have created is based on reviews given by viewers and critics. So, here is the list of Top 10 Batman Characters.


One of the sexiest character in Batman Movie. She is the one who has been represented by four different characters that are Betty Kane, Barbara Gordon, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown. Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl has been listed among fictional characters that are regarded as cultural icons. Talking about her fights, it was choreographed carefully to imitate the moves of a Broadway showgirl through the use of a straight kick to her opponent’s face rather than the type of kick a martial artist would use. As Batgirl, Barbara Gordon plays a supporting role in a string of animated series.


Currently, it is nearly impossible to imagine Batman without Alfred. Alfred Pennyworth’s was overweight and clean-shaven in his first appearance. And the DC editors wanted the comic Alfred to resemble his cinematic counterpart i.e. he has to slim down and grew a mustache. A very simple formula was followed by every story in which crime is to be solved by Alfred and he catches the culprit entirely by accidents. He was a genius in the story like Albert Einstein, some call him great butler ever.


I understand that Bane is Batman’s ultimate foe but when it comes to strength he can outsmart him as far as a fight goes. He is a strong character as well as intelligent too, in the movie. He is also highly devious and a superb strategist and tactician. He has also taught himself various scientific discipline which strengthens him the most. He uses Venom which helps him to enhance his physical abilities that include his strength and healing process. For this purpose, he uses specialized tank which helps him to control the amount of Venom which he injects into his body.


Takes down everyone in 2 seconds he is amazing at fighting. He is known as the best acrobat in the Dc Universe. He is funny, skilled, smart, a strong leader, optimistic personality. Dick Grayson was the one who became Nightwing, after getting dismissed from the role of Robin as a teenager. He is also known as a sexist male character in comics and also took 5th place on IGN’s Top 25 Heroes of DC Comics.


Riddler knew for his genius mind, as he possesses extreme originality in decoding and formulating puzzles of all kinds. He also has good investigative skills but he has no superhuman abilities like other Batman’s Enemies. He is also well known for being Batman’s most intelligent adversary. He is not especially talented in fisticuffs (although his endurance has grown from having to engage in them over the years), but sometimes employs weaponry that exploits his gimmick, such as exploding jigsaw pieces, his infamous question mark cane, known to house a wide variety of technological devices and weapons, and question mark-shaped pistols.


The most iconic sidekick of comics. The Robins have also been members of the superhero group the Teen Titans. The animated series Teen Titans feature Robin (voiced by Scott Menville) as the leader of a team of young heroes. The original Robin was Dick Grayson, a young circus acrobat whose parents had been killed by mobsters. The most recent Robin is Damian Wayne, Batman’s son.

4.Cat woman:-

She is an incredibly interesting character: although she’s a thief, she is not a villainous character, like the Joker or Poison Ivy. Rather, she is somewhat of a “Robin Hood” type of character. What’s so nice is that writers never go out of their way to show her independence and that works perfectly unlike most of today’s “strong female characters“. Catwoman was ranked 11th on IGN’s “Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time” list, and 51st on Wizard magazine’s “100 Greatest Villains of All Time” list.

3.Harley Quinn:-

Harley is a hot as well as the pretty female Joker. Harleen becomes fascinated with the Joker while working at Arkham Asylum and volunteers to help treat him. She falls in love with the Joker during their sessions, and she helps him escape from the asylum more than once. When Batman returns a badly injured Joker to Arkham, Harleen dons a jester costume to become Harley Quinn, the Joker’s sidekick. Harley Quinn has also been depicted as a member of the Suicide Squad, a team of villains and antiheroes alike who carry out secret missions.

2.Joker (On of The Best Batman Characters):-

There are so many things you can say about The Joker as a character, but to put it simply, A Batman without A Joker in any universe is something no one can truly accept. Be it comics world version of Joker, be it Rocksteady version of Joker or be it Nolan version of Joker. None will disappoint you. The joker is absolutely legendary and the way that he does everything without a motive and has no rules at all shows why he is the greatest comic book character of all time. He is one of the best Batman Characters.


Batman is the best character in the Batman comics, that’s why the comic name starts with Batman. This man has incredible morals which is why he always wins against his enemies. Batman has no inherent superhuman powers; he relies on “his own scientific knowledge, detective skills, and athletic prowess”. His wealth gives him the power to use advanced technologies and he modifies these technologies to his advantage. He has trained well for martial arts, mastering over 127 different types, making him one of the best hand-to-hand fighters in the DC Universe.

So, this is the list of Top 10 Batman Characters, we hope you will like it and please drop your comment if you think we forget other characters that deserve to be shown in Top 10 ranking.

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