Top 10 Cool Websites in the world – You never know existed

Hi, Guys, there are millions of websites on the internet however with this listing we will be checking out 10 cool websites across the world, wherein two of them being number 4 and number 2 are my all-time favorite websites.

10. Hacker Typer – Type like a hacker

Open this website in your browser and type anything you would like. The fonts will come like you see in any sci-phi movies and it will look like you are actually trying to hack something.  All the random keystrokes you enter are converted into a code and looks like you are typing the code. This is a cool website as with this you can have unlimited fun with your young friends and make a fool out of them.

When you press the alt key you will get an ultimate hacking message displayed on your screen i.e. Access Granted. Wow, it’s time to play a bit and have fun with your young friends or siblings. This surely is one of the cool websites.

9. 10Minutemail

How about you want to receive the email from some stranger and don’t want to give your email id?

How?  Check out this cool website, when you reach this site this will generate a random email id for you for 10 minutes duration and you can the person to send you the email at the randomly generated ID.

Check out the 1st image which shows how one of the cool websites 10-minute email has generated an email id for me and in 2nd image check out the email I received from a person with whom I shared my email ID. Cool right? Time for you to keep your email id’s safe and hidden.


8. Free video tutorials

Don’t want to spend time and money on reading books, time for you to take a smart move, watch video tutorials by experts by New Boston. Check out this cool website of all time with unlimited free resources for your own benefits This website will help you gain unlimited knowledge about the topics you like and would like to learn from. All the resources are from professional and are completely free of cost.

7. Download Android Application – To PC/Desktop

This cool website will let you download the Android app to your PC directly, just copy the package name or google play URL into the download bar in the Evozi website –

Once you pasted the URL click on the generated download button and then click on the newly generated green button and your file downloading will start automatically. We have downloaded the files and done an MD5 file or developer certificate check to avoid any doubts about the file downloaded.   To prevent piracy paid apps are not allowed to be downloaded.

6. Youtube TV

Probably you know about it already but I really find this website very cool to use especially when I want to use the keyboard for surfing. This is designed to get the feeling of a TV. Click and get TV interface of youtube on your desktop without any interference. This gives a feeling like you are watching TV and controlling youtube like you control TV channels from your remote control.

If you have seen this for the first time, definitely have a try of same, you will surely like it.


5. Analyze and check speed and performance of other websites

Want to check out how other websites are performing on the internet as per their speed and about the performance matrix. Check out this cool website As you reach the website enter the website URL for whose matrix you want to analyze or if you want to analyze your own website and make it faster you can do the same. This will give you amazing insights about your website and blog.

If you are a web developer or a web enthusiast you should definitely check this website out.

4. Live Hacking Attacks across world – Super Cool websites

So you have a hacking mindset and want to know who is hacking whom across the world. Yes, it is possible to check who is attaching whom across the world on a bigger picture scale. Obviously not a CIA or NSA level information but something cool where you can keep guessing the hack attacks. Check out this cool website This website will take few seconds to load and will work in real time to show the live attacks across the world. Super cool right? That’s why this is one of my favorite.

3. Way Back Machine

Want to check how a website used to look a few days back or a few years back. Oh yes, it is totally possible to check the past look and feel of the other websites with the help of this website. Cool right? Check this URL  You can just type the website URL for which you want to check the past appearance and this way back time machine will fetch out the results for you. This is really one of the cool websites and a good way to check how things were on the internet in past.

It is possible that this website is not available in some countries or blocked by some ISPs, try some proxy website to enter the same.

2. Live ATC – Air Traffic Control

Oh yes, you can listen to live conversation of ATC – Air Traffic control via this website. Don’t believe us? Try it before you die. Hahaha.. This is really a cool website to listen to how ATC speak and manages the air traffic. Visit this website

Now either you can check out ARTCC Code from Google or click on right bottom and choose the available feed of ATC. Keep a flash player to run this cool website.

1. Destroy Website – Prank

This is a prank website and it is totally fun to use. Destroy any website with the help of this website application. Very simple to use, visit this website and click on the kickass red button and bookmark it on your toolbar. Check this cool website

Then open a website you want to destroy and click on the bookmarked icon. Now you have a tank in front of you and the website is all yours to destroy.


These were the top 10 list of cool websites if you find more cool websites please do comment below and we will check and evaluate them and include them in our next list. You can also check out top 10 pc games of 2017



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