Top 10 Whatsapp Tricks – You Should Know!

Whatsapp – Highly Popular messaging app. This messaging app is too good that you will never get bored with it due to its various functions. You not only send messages to it but you can also do video calls. We are going to share lot of whatsapp tricks and cheats with your via this article. This app also gave some unique functions to their user but we are unaware of it. We only use this app for messaging purpose. But don’t worry today we are going to show you some other tricks that you can use in it.

Some of the tricks you might know, we only explain to you how to use these tricks (Step-wise) along with images to clear your doubt, keep in mind your app should be updated, enjoy:-

1.Set up Pop-up notification and Reply Directly:-

This WhatsApp trick helps you to enable a type of notification that comes onto your mobile screen and you can easily reply to the message without opening the Whatsapp.

You only need to do the following steps:-

  • Open Whatsapp application
  • Now go to “Setting” of the application
  • Click on “Notification” (Showing Bell Symbol)
  • Now you will see Popup Notification, open this tab.
  • You will get three options except for No popup
  • Choose the options which suit your requirement.

2.Lower Your Data Consumption:-

Most of the people complaints that there data consumption is more due to video or voice calls, they do on Whatsapp. So we got a whatsapp tricks and cheats for you, follow these simple steps to prevent your data from excessive consumption.

  • Open the Whatsapp app on your mobile.
  • Go to the “Settings
  • Now you will see there is an option of Data usage, open it.
  • Now look for Call Settings, and click on Low Data Usage.

You can also manage your media downloads when you open the Data Usage, there is also an option for Media Auto-Download, set accordingly.

3.Change your Whatsapp Number without uninstalling and reinstalling the app:-

Most of the people don’t know that they can easily change their Whatsapp number and restore all the messages of old number to their new one. You only need to do following steps to do the same.

  • Open the Application
  • Go to the “Settings”, you will see on the top below your profile picture there is an option named Account, open it.
  • Look for the “Change Number”
  • Now, what are you waiting for, put your new number and start using the app.

4.Share your Location with your knowns:-

Sometimes, we find ourselves helpless in describing our exact location to our friends, relatives, etc. But this simple Whatsapp tricks and cheats will help you to make your task easier, this will automatically share your location, you only need to do following steps:-

  • Open your application.
  • Open the chats of the one who you want to share your location
  • In the message typing box, on the left side, you will see an attachment option (with pin symbol).
  • Click on that pin symbol and then look for location option.
  • Before sending location make sure your phone GPS is enabled.
  • Now you can easily send your location.

5.Don’t let anyone knows that you have read their message:-

This whatsapp tricks is the most I like personally, most when you don’t want to reply anyone message due to your busy schedule or ego issues but you only want to read their whatsapp messages without letting them know that their message has been read then this function is only made for you. Follow these simple steps:-

  • Open the app.
  • Go to the “Settings”
  • Open the “Account Option”, now go to “Privacy Option”.
  • Scroll Down and go to “Messaging”
  • You will see “Read Receipt” option, enable it, that’s it. You got the most amazing whatsapp tricks

6.Create Chat Shortcut of your Favourite Chat:-

This one is a good option available in Whatsapp, the shortcut of your friend’s chat will come to your mobile’s homepage. You don’t need to open the Whatsapp if you have created the chat shortcut. This is one of the small whatsapp tricks, but very useful. Just follow these simple steps to know how to use this function.

  • Hold your figure on the chat of the person you want to create a shortcut.
  • Then you will see there is lots option appear on top.
  • Click on those “Three Dots”, available on the top right side.
  • Now you will find there is an option for “Add Chat Shortcut”, click on it.
  • A chat shortcut is created on your Mobile Homepage.

7.Backup & Restore Your Conversation:-

If you lost your conversation due to the storage problem, then don’t worry first make some storage on your device then using the restore function of Whatsapp, you can easily get your all conversation back. Follow these steps to get back your all past conversation:-

  • Open the application
  • Click on those “Three Dots”, and then open the settings.
  • Go to the “Chats”
  • There you will find an option for Chat Backup, so what are you waiting for, it’s time to get your all chats back.

8.Whatsapp Chats Font Size:-

Most of the people are in habit of reading through large font sizes or vice versa, so this function is only made for them. Now you can easily change font size of your chats, you just only need to follow these simple steps:-

  • Open the application and get ready for this whatsapp tricks.
  • Repeat the same process as explained in point number “7”.
  • Leaving the Chat Backup option, you need to click on “Font Size”
  • Now adjust the size as per your need.

9.Recover your deleted Whatsapp messages:-

I know you are wondering that how it can be possible but yes you can do it. Just keep in mind that it can only be done before your new Whatsapp backup is created. I know you don’t get it, let me clear your doubt.

WhatsApp takes backup of each message on daily 4 AM, so if you have deleted any message by mistake and want to recover your deleted WhatsApp message, you can restore it before next auto backup occurs.


Get ready for this amazing whatsapp tricks and cheats.

Follow these simple steps:-

  • First of all, remove WhatsApp from your device by uninstalling it.(use clean master for quick removal)
  • Download WhatsApp and install it again
  • Verify you’re WhatsApp and it will find your backup from your device. You will also get notified that we have found WhatsApp backup, do you want to restore it or not.
  • Tap on Restore option to retrieve your deleted messages back on your WhatsApp.

10.Use Whatsapp from computer:-

Do you know, you can also use WhatsApp from your computer? For that, you even don’t need any software like Whatsapp for PC or something. You also not have to install any software that helps you to use Whatsapp on pc. That feature is called as Whatsapp Web, you can use it from below steps.

  • Open browser and go to
  • You will find barcode there to scan. From your phone, click on Whatsapp menu and select Whatsapp web option
  • Scan that barcode from your app option
  • And you will be able to check your app messages from your browser.

So these are the Top 10 whatsapp Tricks that you can use, hope you like this. Stay connected us. Check out Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online!

Top 10 Whatsapp Tricks – You Should Know!
Article Name
Top 10 Whatsapp Tricks – You Should Know!
We only use Whatsapp for messaging purpose. But don’t worry today we are going to show you some other whatsapp tricks and cheats that you can use on this app.

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