Top 10 World’s Deepest Pool – 2017 List

Some people like to either go to someplace mesmerizing, adventurous, dangerous. We have a list of pools across would which are a mix of both. These pool list will give you most amazing insights about some really cool pools and some of them are World’s Deepest Pool.

  1. Glenwood hot springs – Colorado, USA (World’s largest hot mineral springs pool)

This hot spring lodge is open since 1888, this is actually set apart as it is naturally a hot spring, which is famous as alternative medicines. This is famous for its rejuvenating properties; the pool has 15 minerals added in the water which is supposed to aid your health and skin problems. It was named as “Spa of the Rockies in the 1990s” This pool has 3.5 million gallons of water which refills daily and this is one of the best swimming pools in the world. This pool also has two cold water pools in case you feel hot and also has two water rides for children. Natural temperature is about 90 Degree Fahrenheit around the year which makes it a really cool pool to swim and dive in.

  1. Antique Pool – Pamukkale, Hierapolis, Turkey

Antique pool in Pamukkale in turkey is located over the remains of ancient Roman city Hierapolis. If you want to swim over the remains of the ancient city then book your flight. Pamukkale is famous for the abundance of natural hot springs. People have been known to be traveling to Pamukkale to bathe in healing mineral-rich water. The antique pool is really one of the awesome pools across the world, surrounded by trees with ruins columns of the ancient city and because of the ruins, the depth of water varies widely across the pool. This is also known as Cleopatra Pool.


  1. San Alfonso Del Mar –Algarrobo, Chile, South America

This pool is the second largest pool in the world. Earlier it was world’s largest pool and held the title of world’s largest swimming pool for 9 years and now the biggest pool is in Egypt built by the same people. It sits on 20 acres of land and is made of salt water, 66 million gallons of water. This water is from pacific ocean and is treated before adding to the pool. This is one of the best swimming pool in the world to take a look at.

  1. Homestead Crater – Midway, Utah Geothermal Spring

Divers travel from across the world to go to scuba diving in Utah as this is one of the world’s deepest pool Its 870 feet below the normal earth surface. This crater has high therapeutic value with the temperature around 90 degrees Fahrenheit as it is natural hot spring water. While it’s very cold outside in Utah the crater gives you a feeling of Jacuzzi all-round the year. One of the best historic things about this is, this is almost 10,000 years old. This is inside a cave-like structure and is dark inside but not frightening.

There is dive platforms setup below water for scuba divers to learn and test their skills and become certified. As you get to the bottom i.e. 65-70 ft below the water surface, it is quite dark in there till you hit the bottom of the surface as sunlight cannot reach there. This is one of the World’s Deepest Pool.

  1. Devil’s Pool – Zambia, Zimbabwe

This pool is really for those adventurous and crazy people and is one the awesome pools in the world. This pool sits right on the edge of Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall on the whole planet also which is one of the seven natural wonders of the world with approx. 300 foot drop from top to rocks below. This is a natural pool, It is really incredible to be swimming at the top of Victoria falls which is a dangerous as well as a thrilling waterfall with people exclaiming it to be the best swimming pool in the world. This pool is safe but needs extraordinary precautions. A lot of people take Devil’s pool tour while the visit the Victoria falls while going through Livingstone Island tour. This is not exactly the world’s deepest pool but surely at the most height and craziest natural pool.

  1. Skypark Infinity Pool – Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

The Skypark infinity pool is one of the most stunning rooftop pools in the world. This is one the best swimming pool in the world with 150 meters long and is located 57 stories above the ground. While swimming it offers unparalleled views of Singapore’s ultra-modern city skyline. The sand Skypark infinity pool is only accessible to guests staying at Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

This awesome swimming pool is divided into two zones: A family Zone and Adults only Zone. After the swim, you can stretch to sunbathe on a luxurious poolside lounger or relax in the shades of a palm tree.

  1. Giola Pool, Thassos, Greece.

On the beautiful island of Thassos, Greece lies a secluded natural lagoon near the village of Astris called Giola, the pool is not the easiest thing to get to, unbelievable thing is the view of the pool, as well as the thrill of swimming in it, are well worth it. The temperature of the lagoon is warmer than the sea itself, so the swimming is much more pleasant. A small trek can lead you to to the natural pool where you can enjoy the swim in one of the best swimming pool in the world


  1. Sharm El Sheikh Pool, Egypt

This swimming pool cum lagoon is world’s largest crystalline lagoon and holds a Guinness world record in its name. It has 30 acres of crystal clear water surrounded by white sandy beaches which is totally perfect for swimming, sailing, kayaking and many more sports activities. The builders Citystar Properties are the ones which built San Alfonso Del Mar in Chile. Twelve Crystal Lagoons totaling 250 acres will be the centerpiece of the $5.5 billion dollars, a 1,850-acre development in Citystars Sharm El Sheikh. The project nicknamed City of Stars will feature 30,000 luxury residences, a string of five-star hotels, golf courses, even a museum, and shopping mall. These will be arranged around the 12 lagoons that dot the landscape. This swimming pool is the biggest as well as one of the best swimming pool in the world.

  1. Nemo 33 – World’s IInd deepest Swimming Pool – Brussels, Belgium

This fresh water swimming pool held the record of being the World’s Deepest Pool between 2004-2014 as Y40 got inaugurated in 2014  it lost its title, although still the 2nd deepest swimming pool in the world. This acts as a hub for scuba divers from across the world. The depth of the pool is approx 34 meters i.e. 113 ft. The temperature of the pool is maintained at 86 degree Freiheit by a solar heater which helps the divers to dive without a dry suit. The Nemo 33 has built in caves for the divers and this really cool swimming pool has 660,000 gallons of water. This was mainly created for diving practice and for film shootings.

  1. Y – 40 – Montegrotto Terme, Italy

Also known as “The Deep Joy”  This is the World’s Deepest Pool, this pool is filled with more than 1 million gallons of water which comes from a natural thermal well so it does not need any chemicals and is naturally maintained at 90-degree Fahrenheit. There is an artificial underwater cave, that simulates what swimmers encounter in oceans. Extreme divers can challenge themselves to bottom of the pool i.e. 137 feet below the source. Those visitors who want to stay dry can look inside from an underwater tunnel. This is the most beautiful and cool swimming pool in the world.


This list gives you most amazing insights about the world’s biggest pool and some of the really cool pool across the world. Do visit them when you are around the same place.

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