Top Ten SEO Tips – Helps You to Rank Your Website Higher

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO Tips), if you have a good SEO strategy for your website only then you can make your website visibility more clear to various search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Everyone says that doing SEO is a very difficult task but this is not true, actually the main hidden fact behind a good SEO strategy is that it requires times and almost every beginner wants that his/her website comes to google the first page within just a few weeks, but sorry this is not going to happen.

You have to give some time to your website and create a good quality content on a regular basis when your site starts getting organic traffic and backlinks from high PR domain, then only your SEO work is almost done but still, you have to work hard to generate more organic traffic.

So, here are some Top Ten SEO Tips which I personally use and I also reap so much benefit from these tips, hope it will help you also.

1.Give Valuable and Unique Information:-

Don’t try to copy things from other websites, it will never ever going to help you. Yes, it is true for short period you will gain some popularity but when somebody put copyright claim against you then everything will come to the end. So, you should always try to look for new ideas and unique contents because we all know unique things have more value.

And also remember, never use Blackhat SEO (a seo technique against the SEO guidelines) to rank higher, always offer valuable information. Generate useful information, so that Google or people will see that this website gains knowledge about the subject or something else, this will automatically help your website to rank higher.

2.Speed Up Your Website:-

Just like Speed plays a great role in our life similarly happens with our website, if your website has good loading speed then it will be plus point for us to rank higher in search engines. But remember, if your site contains content that is not relevant and not useful then having a good website speed is not going to help you. So you have to focus on both things Speed as well good content.

There are various free and paid tools available to check the speed of your website, here is the link is given below where you can check the same.

Page Speed Test

If it shows poor result then don’t worry, there are lots of plugins and tools available which helps you to optimize your website that will ultimately boost up your website performance.

3.Use Titles, Headers, Keywords and Links Building (Best SEO Tips Ever):-

Always choose the title for your website that contains some keyword. Before going to give the title to your website, visit Keyword Planner a Google AdWords Tool, it is one of the best tools that provide valuable keywords which helps you to grow your website rank.

Making Headings and Sub-Headings are very important, people usually ignore this but believe me it is the only things that play a vital role in making a good quality content. Always use your Focus Keyword in your Headings and Sub-Headings.

Link Building is one of the best practices that you should focus on. If your site gets Backlinks from High PR Domain, then it will automatically increase the visibility of your site in the eye of Search Engines. There are various ways of Link Building i.e. Blog Posting, Blog Commenting, Forum Submission, Directory Submission, Article Submission, Guest Posting and much more.

4.Optimize Your Images:-

Putting various images on the website for user engagement is a good thing but you should keep in mind that before uploading the image on your website you have to make sure that it is highly optimized. If you directly upload the image to your website then it will drastically affect the speed of your website.

So, always try to optimize your image before using it for the website. There are lots of software available that help you to optimize your image. Our personal suggestion is to use Adobe photoshop 🙂

5.Long Blog post:-

Don’t worry it is not a difficult task to create a long blog post, you can take help from the various website of your same niche, just take help not try to copy the content, please. It’s a very simple process, always try to look for key points from other blog or website and then start writing your own ideas on those key point. According to Google or SEO guidelines, the post or article containing at least 600 words consider good.

One of the great benefits of Long Blog post is that it will increase the Time on Site metric of your website, which will ultimately help your website to rank higher.

6.Use Yoast SEO Plugin:-

This is one of the best plugins, I have ever used. If you are having a problem to know where to use your focus keyword and how many times to use it, then this plugin is really going to help you. This plugin will analyze your content and then show you the result whether your SEO is good or bad, I personally recommend you all to please use this plugin once and then see the results.

First, use free version of this plugin and if you feel that you want to add multiple keywords in single post then you have to go for Premium Version of it, but there is not so much difference between Free and Premium version, use which suits the best 🙂

7.Analyse with Semrush:-

This is a Secret weapon which you can use to know the SEO Strategy of your Competitors. But, unfortunately, this tool is not free, you will only get 14 Days free trial and then you have to buy it. As per my opinion spending, some money on this tool is Worthful, because this tool provides you various information of your competitor website like their organic searches, paid searches, keywords that they are using to rank their website and much more.

So, this is the best tool if you want to compete best in digital marketing field.

8.Use Google Analytics:-

If you want to know more about your traffic then Google Analytics is best to match for this purpose. Most people do not pay much attention to their visitors, like where they come from, which search query land them to your website, what are their age group, what are their interest, etc. So, always try to focus on these minor valuable things, analyze this information to grow more traffic to your website.

Suppose Google Analytics shows you that the majority of your traffic is coming from XYZ source then focus on it and try to get more traffic from that source. Use this SEO Tips on your website.

9.Go big on Social Media:-

This one will help you to drive more traffic to your website. I don’t know why most of the people are not focusing on various social media platform and after all these, all are free to use. If you want to drive traffic in less than a week then this is one of the best strategies you can use, there are various social media platforms are available where you can easily promote your website content (SEO Tips).

Some examples of Social media platforms are Google +, Facebook (Everyone uses it), Twitter, Pinterest (New but helpful), LinkedIn, Flicker, etc.

10.Easy Navigation (Seo Tips):-

Design your website in such a way that it will give easy and preferable navigation to the users, Google always wants that the website should give direction to their use so that they can easily get what they are looking for. This Seo Techniques will help you to boost up your website ranking.

For Easy navigation, create a menu, categories, sub-menu, etc. This will help users to easily access your website. And if users are happy then Google will also happy, so focus on this strategy and create your website highly informatively.


So, these are the Top 10 SEO Tips which you can use for your website and get a higher rank. Drop your comment below, if you have any query related to these tips we will happy to help you :). You can also check out Top 10 Arms and Shoulder Workout Routine.

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