Top Insurance Policies That One Should Look For – Types of Insurance!

Hey Everyone! As a part of Top 10 family, I want you to clear one thing in your mind about any kind or types of insurance is that it is the part of your investment. And investment is good for stable future, so never ever think too much about those insurance policies which are really beneficial for your future.

You know what, after researching a lot about insurance policies I got to know too many things about it and there are “n” number of type of insurance available in the market.

See, Insurance is necessary for everyone because it is the only weapon you can use for the protection of your possessions. But remember, before buying any insurance policy always pay attention to the terms and condition of claiming it.

Before proceeding further let me introduce you to the different types of insurance that you can buy but only a few of them are essential for oneself (Which we discuss after that).

The following image is showing the different category or you can say the different types of insurance.

Wait, Wait, Wait! This is not the end, actually, I forget to tell you that these are some most popular insurance policy that people generally buy.

What’s next now? See for yourself! 😉

Even, I was not aware of some of these Insurance policies. And yeah, these are essential too but depending on the circumstances.

So, without wasting any time. Let’s come to the point. See, I myself researched about most of this above-listed insurance policies. And what I found is only 3 types of insurance policies among them which is more in demand.

And I must say that one should have these 3 types of insurance policies to make his future secure.

Now, let’s discuss what they are! And also why they are important!

1. Health Insurance:

“Health is Wealth Buddy”, Undoubtedly, Health Insurance is one of the most important types of insurance. Without a Healthy body, you cannot enjoy your life to the fullest. If you are working for some company then maybe your health insurance is already being done by your employer but if not then you are putting your life at risk. Because diseases and misfortunes will never knock your door to comes in.

What can happen if you don’t have health insurance?

Suppose, you met with an accident or develop a serious disease and you don’t have enough money for the treatment then either your health may get worse or you will come under debt. So to prevent these situations, one should always look for Health Insurance. I think this is enough to make you understand why health insurance is important.

Now, the question is how you can choose the best health insurance plan for yourself, here you will find some basis to choose the same.

2.Life Insurance:

See, having a life insurance has so much benefits but not for you, obviously for your loved ones (if purchased permanent life insurance). But if you have purchased term life insurance, then it will be a different case but normally people prefer to purchase permanent life insurance.

Now the choice is yours, whether to go for a term or permanent life insurance. But, as per my opinion, I will suggest you purchase permanent because if you are looking for investment component then it will be the best choice.

Why is it important?

Life insurance falls under those types of insurance which help you to meet your financial needs. See, if you are married and have children’s then after your death it can pay for your children’s college fee and also helps your family to pay any debts that you left behind.

Beside this, there are many other factors also, so you cannot afford to neglect life insurance.

And for assistance in choosing the best life insurance for you, visit here!

Check Top 5 Life Insurance Companies in USA!

3.Property or Home Insurance:

“Home Sweet Home”, Did you know Why we call it our home, not a house? This is only because home is not only made with bricks but with love. So, can you afford to keep your love uninsured? No.

Now, let’s be logical. Suppose you have borrowed money from the bank to build a beautiful home for yourself and then suddenly something bad happened with your home like it caught fire, or damaged by a windstorm, etc. Then, here comes the need for Property Insurance.

And also, home is the vital asset for most of the people so there is no chance to think about it. Hurry up and make your property insured!

Here are some Tips to lower down your home insurance premium. And also check this out to know how to choose best home insurance policy.

So, these 3 types of insurance policies that I found worth having, and along with it Travel and Auto Insurance are also necessary but it depends on the various circumstances.

I hope, you will find this piece of content valuable. If so, then please don’t forget to share your view related the same in the comment box because I loved to hear from my top10listing family members.


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