When is Google’s Birthday? How Google Born, why are People Confused!

Howdy Folks! So, today’s article is going to be interesting one as you can see its headline above. I must say that nowadays we can easily live without food for a day but not without an internet. And yes! with the word “Internet” I mean to say “Google” because Google is the only search engine which receives the majority of traffic among other search engines. And I am damn sure you must use Google once in a day, please don’t refuse because this is true. Google has become a necessity nowadays. Still, most of us don’t know When is Google’s Birthday?

Despite a well-known search engine, Google also has its own products and services that created a great space in our lives.

So, lets come to the main talk now.

Today in this post I am going to share with you some brief details about the date of Google’s Birthday or about it 18th or 19th Birthday and the story of How Google Born.

Did you notice one famous trend about Google nowadays? When anyone asks someone about something, and if the other person doesn’t know the answer to it, he/she always says Please Google it”. 

Is this is not strange? Google has just become a verb for searching the internet. That’s the only thing which makes me curious to know more about the Google and that’s why after gathering all the information about it, I am sharing this with you all.


When is Google’s Birthday?

The Date of Birth or you can say the birthday of Google is celebrated every year on 27 September. So, now I believe that all of you will not forget that on 27 September 1998, the Google was officially born.


How Google Born?

Look, I am not going to talk about something about reproduction here, so please don’t expect too much.  😆

Okay, jokes apart. Have you ever heard the name Larry Page and Sergey Brin, No? then you must be kidding yourself  😆 The Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the founders of this great search engine.

Now how it happened, how they met? Actually, in 1995, the Google Founders met at Stanford. What actually happens is, Sir Larry Page (one of the Google Founder) decided to visit the Stanford for grad school. And coincidently, at that period of time, Sir Sergey Brin was a second-year grad student. When they both saw each other first, they don’t have any plan to become friends. Even, both of them thought that the other was obnoxious.

But, as we say that Destiny always has a different Plans”, they finally become friends, a very good friend, I must say.

Then, after some day both young grad school students planned to do something great in their life, and finally, after a very long debate, they come to the decision to do the partnership. That’s how two young grad school students started collaborating on a new search engine project.

Story not ends here, Google is not born yet  😀  At First “Backrub” came!

Now, what the heck is this Backrub? 

This was the original name of Google! Shocked? I was also shocked when I first came to know about this. Actually, in the January 1996, Sir Larry Page took a new project which is about a search engine called Backrub. And that time, the Backrub search engine was the only way to translate the idea of citation into the growing World Wide Web (WWW).

As the time passed, Larry Page thought to do something big and that is only time when they both Larry Page and Sergey Brin realized that the time has come now to make a fantastic or amazing consumer engine, which can provide the consumer each and every single about the things that come under the “Sun”.  😯

At that time, the algo of search engines was different, all the search engines display or show the pages only on the basis of a number of times the keyword used on that page. But, Larry Page and Sergey Brin hit the bull’s eye, as they run their mind and innovate a new algorithm, which is based on the relevancy. And they named this algorithm as Page Rank. 

I know many of you must be heard this term before “Page Rank”. So, this is how Page Rank comes into existence.

After that, the Backrub was renamed as Google and both of them decided the start “Google” as a startup. Does anyone know from where the word “Google” derived from? this word is derived from the word “Googol”, and its meaning is very interesting, Googol states a number represented by one followed by hundred zeroes. And that’s what the google is exactly doing today.  😛

About Google Launching

In the year 1997, the domain name, www.google.com was registered. But in September 1998, the google actively started doing its business. That’s the only reason why 27 September is celebrated as Google’s Birthday.

Officially, the Google calculates its age by considering the year 1998 as its launch date. But I must say that Google was actually born when its founder met at Stanford in 1995. By most of the accounts, Google official opening day was September 7th, but Google shifted this date to 27th September.

Google’s birthday itself has a long story, the Google Birthday could be asserted as 7th September, but due to some reasons, the Google officially celebrates its birthday on 27th September 1998. I myself tried to find out the reason of why they celebrate the google’s Birthday on 27th September, but I failed to know that. If any of my readers know that then please share that reason with all of us in the comment section, I would love to know that.

Finally, I must say that Google arrived in 1998 and it’s been a great ride ever since.

My Final Words to You! 

So, now I can say that all of my readers know When is Google’s Birthday, How it is Born, and Why are people confused, please tell me about your feedback about this post, do you like it or not. If yes, then please share it with your loved ones, so that everyone should know how exactly the Google is born. Okay! See you later, bye-bye, take care.

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When is Google's Birthday? How Google Born, why are People Confused!
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When is Google's Birthday? How Google Born, why are People Confused!
You all use Google once in a day, but do you know, When is Google's Birthday? How exactly has the Google Born? When exactly the Google Launched? What the heck is this Backrub? How Sir Larry Page and Sergey Brin met, and How they become the founder of this brand called "Google". Get the answer to this all, here only.

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