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How To Change Voice While Speaking A Call In Android



As the world has become modernized, people has also started to become socialized. Yeah, that’s pretty true. We see people connect to one another from different states and countries, people follow the ones they don’t even know who, the face time with total strangers, we tweet, ping, and send personal messages of our personal self to someone too far and who we have never met before.

At the same time, we also like and share posts of others in Social Medias, we share our own life matters in Facebook to get likes. This is a total strange world. In the process of hanging in the phone with new friends from different countries, we sometimes lose contact with our close friends and family and distance ourselves from them. Mobiles which made man bow towards it, made the structure constant.

What I’m trying to point out is, when a group of friends or a set of relatives meet, in a get-together or any particular functions, what we get to see is, everyone busy in their own phones. No one know what the other person is all up to. Using the mobile, not to talk to another person, but to scroll up and down in social media. The whole place will be silence. There is no live conversations or any lovely heart to heart speech. This is sad. We all know, there are plenty who are addicted to mobiles. But fine, why don’t we try to have a little fun? We can do that using the mobiles itself.

We can talk to one another, get creative ideas and work out on a prank. This will make everyone talk to one another and have a good time. But wondering what to do? You can plan to prank on someone, someone who is not present in the particular place. You can talk like a complete stranger and confuse the other person out. This prank doesn’t only work out with a group of friends, but anyone can try this. Even if someone is all alone, bored at home, not knowing what to do. You can call your friends and piss him out or fool him.

When it comes for a prank, what everyone thinks about is how to talk to the other person, because he/she might easily identify your voice, unless you are an expert in changing voice and taking like a stranger, or you should have to have the ability to mimicry. What if you aren’t good enough in both of this? Nothing to worry about. That is the reason why I am writing this post to all of you. I am basically, not a good person to talk like someone else. So I tried an app, which actually worked out so well. This app help change your voice and makes it sound like a complete stranger.

Let me introduce you to the app ‘Magiccall Voice Changer’. There are plenty of features available in this app. When it’s about prank calling, there are a few things that you should check about before you call. Like your voice, the background sound and your phone number especially. That’s the specialty in this app. It gives you a wide range of voices to select.

You have male, female, baby, cartoon, hard voice, robot voice and etc. along with that, to make the conversation look more reality, it helps change your background sound and make it look like you are in another place, for example it has sound of traffic, airport sound, concert sound, a romantic background music and much more. You can select any one of these before you make a call. There is another feature of call recording in this app. You can record a call you make through this app, and listen to it later or any time you want. This is fun, isn’t it? With this you can now actually have a lively fun time with friend and family.

If you want to hear how your voice is converted into when on a call, you can check for it earlier. You can go through all the voices and sounds and check for its quality beforehand. This app that works perfectly has a lot of unique features in it. There is also a recharge tab in this app. When you first install the app, you get free credit. That’s really cool. Later when you want more credits to make calls, you can go to the recharge tab and get sufficient credit. Using this app, now you can call and prank anyone without any problem. Come let’s take a look at how to get the app.

How To Change Your Voice In Android

You have get the app named ‘Magiccall Voice Changer’ directly from the Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Lets move on to know, how to change voice while on phone call to you friend or colleague in Android phone.

Firstly launch the app in your phone and register it with your mobile number.

Now you will come across all the voices that you can change during the phone call.

After selecting the voice, you can check the quality of the voice by clicking on the test button.

Then, you can change the background sound by clicking on the background tab in the setting menu.

There is also the call recording feature, which is under the settings tab.

All the recorded calls will be present under the ‘My Recordings’ tab in the main menu.

That’s it. Now you can enjoy all the unique features of this app and make a fun prank call to your lovable ones. You can download this app directly from Google playstore by searching ‘Magiccall’.

And remember this app is all about fun. Make sure you use this only for the purpose and fun with your family and friends. Any illegal activities noticed will be filled case against by the government legally. Beware and use it right.


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