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Namo E-Tablet Yojana 2024



In an era where digital literacy is paramount for educational success, the Government of Gujarat has taken a commendable step towards ensuring that every student, regardless of their socioeconomic background, has access to the tools necessary for academic excellence. The Gujarat Namo Tablet Yojana is a visionary initiative aimed at providing free tablets to college and university students within the state, equipping them with the resources they need to thrive in today's digital age.

Empowering Education Through Technology

- Under the Gujarat Namo Tablet Yojana, students are provided with tablets that come preloaded with a wealth of educational content, ranging from textbooks to e-books and video lectures.

- These tablets serve as portable learning hubs, enabling students to access valuable resources anytime, anywhere.

- By integrating technology into education, the scheme not only enhances learning outcomes but also fosters a culture of digital literacy among students.

Promoting Inclusivity and Accessibility

- One of the primary objectives of the Gujarat Namo Tablet Yojana is to bridge the digital divide that exists among students from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

- By providing tablets free of charge, the government aims to ensure that all students have equal access to educational resources, regardless of their financial status.

- This initiative not only levels the playing field but also empowers students to realize their full potential without being hindered by economic constraints.

Eligibility Criteria and Application Process

- To be eligible for the Gujarat Namo Tablet Yojana, students must have passed the 12th examination from a recognized institution and board in Gujarat.

- Additionally, they must be enrolled in the first year of college or pursuing a polytechnic course.

- The application process is straightforward: students are required to visit their respective colleges to enroll in the scheme.

- Once enrolled, the institute will collect necessary details and documents from the students, including proof of eligibility and admission confirmation.

- A nominal fee of Rs. 1000 is deposited by the institute, and upon verification, the tablet is provided to the eligible students.

Required Documents for Enrollment

- Domicile certificate

- Address proof

- Voter ID card

- Aadhar card

- 12th passing certificate

- Certificate confirming admission in the undergraduate or polytechnic course

- Below the poverty line certificate (if applicable)

- Caste certificate (if applicable)


The Gujarat Namo Tablet Yojana represents a significant stride towards leveraging technology to enhance educational access and equity. By providing free tablets loaded with educational content, the government is empowering students to embrace digital learning and unlock new opportunities for growth and development. As we move forward in the digital age, initiatives like these serve as catalysts for a more inclusive and prosperous society, where every student has the tools they need to succeed.


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